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    Rabia Freelancer
    Blogger at Rabiaslookbook, former intern at Spoyl and Pincon international
    University Of Mumbai
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      Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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      Bachelor of Communication/ Mass Media/Journalism/ Media Studies


    I am currently pursuing Bachelor of Communication/ Mass Media/Journalism/ Media Studies degree at University Of Mumbai. I am in my and would like to work on projects where I can use my skills such as  Creative Writing, Blog Writing, Content Writing, Journalism Writing, Social Media Marketing.

    I have worked as an intern at Pincon International as a content writer, content development and social media marketing. I also currently work as a content writer at I have also previously worked in the press for MUN (Model Of United Nations) and also got an opportunity to cover “The Body Shop India’s” PETA campaign, as a blogger. I worked at Spoyl as an intern previously for social media marketing. You can read the links below that I have inserted below. I also have an un-monetized blog, that is; rabiaslookbook. I’m a student of mass media, studying in the second year.

    Thank you, I hope to hear from you soon!!

    from (a hard working candidate)

    My Greatest Strength is over coming deepest fears I get when I chose to do different work. Sometimes, I get anxietic about certain things in life but that keeps my strength alive. I am a work-o-holic, I can work for hours and hours without getting tired as I really appreciate action no matter what form it comes in. Little courageous things light me up and gives me instant boost turning into bliss and strength. I have done a lot of different work in the industry to be capable in applying to the further internship.


    University Of Mumbai
    Bachelor of Communication/ Mass Media/Journalism/ Media Studies