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    We are looking to hire enthusiastic graduates with a passion for software at Arm (Cambridge, UK)
    Arm Employer
    Cambridge, UK
    Job Type
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    Full Time
    Cambridge, UK

    Job Description:

    We are looking to hire enthusiastic graduates with a passion for embedded software development or Open Source software and a willingness to learn, to work in various groups and departments across the company in one of the following areas: 

    • Software design and implementation of features for our reference Mali Graphics and Display processors (enabling our next generation Mali mobile IPs for APIs such as GLES, Vulkan, OpenCL, EGL) on Android

    • Compiler development using LLVM for GPGPU kernels

    • Development of tools for performance analysis and diagnostics of our multimedia graphics processors

    • Software design and implementation of reference secure firmware for Arm processors – for example working on the software to enable our state-of-art CoreLink secure subsystems

    • Software stack development to enable Arm IP. This includes implementing HALs, drivers, connectivity, security, DRM, IoT Enablers, Functional Safety, Bootloader, Power and control components.

    • Operating system development (Linux, Zephyr, FreeRTOS, mbedOS, etc)

    • Development of reference software and demos for Arm Partners to use and replicate in their own products.

    • Middleware development (Android, ChromeOS, RedHat, Debian, etc)

    • Software optimisation (JIT compilers, Android, ChromeOS, …)

    • Build environments & Automation tooling

    • Upstreaming and maintenance 

    If you’re passionate about: 

    ·       Pursuing the challenges of bringing up a new development board

    ·       How to build, test and debug full software stacks on hardware that hasn’t yet been manufactured

    ·       Gaining a deeper understanding of system architecture and performance (CPU or GPU)

    ·       How to scale a solution for a single developer into an automated real-time regression farm 

    Then this is a phenomenal opportunity for you! 

    What will I be accountable for? 

    As a Graduate, you will be placed in a development team at Arm’s offices in Cambridge, UK where you will have a dedicated mentor, and be able to get to grips with the problems ranging across many software areas. You will work across all aspects of the software lifecycle whilst being supported by and learning from the rest of the team.

    Whilst a lot of our work does involve Open Source software, many tasks require working with development platforms, or simulated hardware environments where features are being developed and tested before the physical devices have been built, so the problems you will be expected to understand and pursue are ones that are yet unknown to the general community.

    Job Requirements

    Currently enrolled in a bachelor’s or master’s program, on track to earn a degree in computer science, or a related field

    Essential Skills & Qualities 

    ·       A real passion for embedded computing that goes beyond your studies

    ·       A creative and structured approach to problem-solving

    ·       Proficient knowledge of low level C and/or C++

    ·       A strong will and eagerness for learning and self-improvement 

    Desirable Skills and Qualities 

    The following skills are not essential for this role, but if you have an interest in any of the following areas it would improve your application: 

    • 3D or GPGPU APIs

    • Knowledge of a leading RISC based computer architecture ideally Arm

    • An appreciation of how and why version control software is useful

    • Evidence of Open Source project interaction or contribution (patches, bug reports, …)

    • Operating system kernel or device drivers

    • Application development

    • Compilation technology, JIT (Just In Time) compilers…

    • Android, ChromeOS, RedHat, Debian internals/middleware development

    • Linux development or validation

    • Zephyr, FreeRTOS, other RTOS development or validation

    • Low level device driver development and integration experience

    • An appreciation for some of the ways in which computer architectures differ

    • Familiarity with embedded power management techniques or security technologies

    • An understanding of radio protocol standards such as Bluetooth and/or Wireless LAN

    • Hands on experience with hardware and software debugger 

    We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.


    Flexible Hours
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