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    Vulkan Driver Engineer at Imagination Technologies (Kings Langley, UK)
    Imagination Technologies Employer
    Kings Langley, UK
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Kings Langley, UK

    Job Description:

    The Vulkan driver team enables Imagination’s world leading GPU performance through the design and development of key graphics API driver components. This means that people from all over the globe have a first-class mobile device experience because your software helps their apps to run quickly, efficiently and reliably.

    You will work with cutting-edge systems, influence the design of our graphics technology and help Imagination to deliver the next big thing in 3D technology. You will partner with other software and hardware engineers in supporting major device manufacturers and OS vendors to ensure their devices work smoothly. Exposed to the full life-cycle of hardware and software development, from initial concepts and research to long-term maintenance, you will play a key role in the design of future PowerVR graphics technology.

    You will

  • Learn about PowerVR 3D graphics hardware and driver development

  • Develop Vulkan graphics drivers for our current and next-generation graphics cores

  • Support customers and their partners in bringing new products to market

  • Perform performance analysis and driver optimisations to get the most out of our graphics IP

  • Abilities make possibilities 
    Committed to making your customers, stakeholders and colleagues successful, you’re an excellent communicator, listener and collaborator who builds trusted partnerships by delivering what you say, when you say. You’re curious, solutions orientated and a world class problem solver who constantly seeks opportunities to innovate and achieve the best possible outcome to the highest imaginable standard.

    You have

  • C programming experience

  • Knowledge of Vulkan, OpenGL or OpenGL ES and the modern 3D graphics pipeline

  • An interest in low-level programming

  • Good communication skills and a positive attitude

  • The ability to work well in a team

  • Excellent problem solving

  • Aptitude for vector mathematics

  • You might also have

  • Low-level programming experience

  • A driver development background

  • An appreciation of computer architecture concepts (CPU, Cache, MMU, Memory, etc.)

  • Invent the future
    The people at Imagination enable the tech that’s shaping our world, from virtual reality to smart phones, autonomous cars to space probes. It’s their creativity that has enabled Imagination to power world-changing electronic products. Dare to dream big? We’ll encourage you to pursue your dream. We listen, we’re open and we’re honest. Whatever it is you need, you’ll be respected and helped along your way.


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