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    UX Designer strong with data at UL, LLC (Dublin, Ireland)
    UL, LLC Employer
    Dublin, Ireland
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    Dublin, Ireland

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    UL is seeking an experienced User Experience (UX) Designer to join the iON team in Dublin, Ireland.

    iON is a big data platform combining data ingest, data enrichment, analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. The iON team is growing fast and now looking to add a talented UX Designer to join the team to accelerate the growth of the most innovative UL digital technology investment in its history and help develop our product and design language. Our goal is to enable the UL client base to effectively leverage recent developments in the digital revolution, by giving them the ability to truly leverage their own corpus of data combined with 3rd party data sources, UL’s core data sources and deep Voice of Science competences, to win in a rapidly evolving digital eco-system.


    Our ideal candidate is someone who is passionate about design and driven to deliver creative and compelling solutions which turn data into actionable information for our customers. We are looking for someone who understands modern best practice in UX, who produces high-quality work, who understands the key role of design throughout the product development process, and wants the chance to challenge themselves in a fast-paced environment to produce leading edge business intelligence products. As a key resource on our team you must possess strong interpersonal skills, be used to working with other designers, software engineers, testers, and data scientists maintain a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail and have excellent oral and written communication skills. The role will be responsible for analyzing, designing and developing innovative data visualization solutions which drive business insights within our products. You will work at the intersection of our data science, engineering, and UX teams and help us build our evolving visualization science capability.


    • Work closely with software engineering teams as part of a blended, cross-functional engineering department to help them create data visualizations, dashboards and reports for business customers

    • Develop and evolve a design language for our product

    • Design a white-labelable UI component library

    • Work with our data scientists and engineers to understand potential opportunities for visualization of complex insights and thinking outside the box for better data storytelling

    • Support, maintain and enhance in-production visualization assets

    • Help the team build out our emerging visualization science capability

    • Provide solutions in accord with principles of user-centred design throughout the product development

    • Ability to stay up-to-date with the latest industry developments and leverage those new capabilities

    • Produce world-class work in a fast-paced, agile, startup-type work environment where requirements and processes are not always well-defined



    • Degree in HCI, Design, Cognitive Science, Computer Science or any multi/ interdisciplinary design interaction focused field of study

    • Deep understanding of how data science capabilities can be visualized and easily consumed by the end users

    • Solid understanding of the end-to-end product design process, including information architecture, journey mapping, wireframing, visual design, prototyping and user testing

    • Expertise in using industry-standard design and prototyping tools (Sketch, Adobe CC)

    • Hands-on experience in creating and maintaining design systems

    • Experience working with an agile development team

    • Expertise with motion design and related tools

    • Good problem-solving, analytical & communication skills

    • Comfortable working in a fast-paced, agile, startup-type work environment


    • Experience of data visualization in complex data-driven products and environments

    • Strong passion for visual design principles and advanced data storytelling

    • Demonstrated ability building cross-functional relationships and communicating at all levels of an


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