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    Trading Engineer at IMC Trading (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
    IMC Trading Employer
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
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    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Job Description:

    IMC financial markets – Where Technology drives Trading

    Technology is a key business driver at IMC. In a highly competitive trading industry it helps us to gain an edge over our competitors. Commonly available solutions are not sufficient for us so we engineer our own robust, scalable and fast technologies. Our automated trading systems evolve continuously. For our strategies to be successful we have to be fast in our execution and smart in our algorithms. We're always looking to optimize for speed and data analytics. This results in very interesting engineering challenges in every layer of our technology stack.


    IMC is currently looking for a multi-talented and passionate Trading Engineer. A critical role at the heart of our complex environment, where many components interface and manage a high volume data flow over a low latency infrastructure to execute our trading strategies. As a Trading Engineer, you and your experienced team work closely with our traders. Making sure that we can release daily in a safe and controlled manner is a crucial part of the role as well as ensuring high availability, stability and performance. You will be troubleshooting along the way but more importantly, you will solve the root of problems in a structural way. This often involves creating new solutions using the latest open source technologies and implementing them.

    Besides working closely with traders you will also engage with a wide range of technologists such as developers, systems engineers, network engineers and performance engineers. This role is an excellent place to start a career at IMC as you get exposure to many parts of our business and can make a big impact!


    • Provide continuity and stability to the production environment.

    • Provide quick response to production issues as well as create sustainable solutions to help eliminate downtime, thereby ensuring high availability and performance of our trading platform.

    • Coordinate, prioritize and plan the changes to our trading software thereby ensuring smooth exchange migrations and quick time to market for new features and software.

    • Contribute towards improving the trading strategy as well as the trading infrastructure.

    • Translate trading requests into concrete technical requirements, work with focus teams to create innovative solutions and finally implement those solutions in order to enhance our systems and processes.


    • You love to problem solve. You have a passion for technology. You enjoy dynamic “client facing” roles.

    • In-depth knowledge of and experience with Linux operating system

    • Experience with various ways to deploy Java applications as well as good understanding of JVM

    • Strong command of bash or python scripting

    • Basic understanding of TCP/IP protocols

    • Experience with database querying would be preferred

    • You are interested in learning about trading as well as continually improving your technical abilities


    We are at the core a trading firm however, we value trading and technology equally and we believe that cooperation between traders and technologists is one of our great strengths. This is also reflected in our organizational and remuneration policies. We believe in fostering a truly flat environment in which great 


    IMC is among the world’s leading technology-driven trading firms and a market maker in securities listed on exchanges across the globe. Our cutting-edge technology drives everything we do. High-performance algorithms, smart strategies and collaborative teams are the core of our business.

    Today, IMC is 500+ people working together to build software and trade financial products in our offices in Amsterdam, Chicago and Sydney. What does this mean for you? The chance to join a multi-national, multi-cultural team of exceptional individuals, focused on making IMC the world’s best trading firm.


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