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    Test Automation Engineer at PeopleDoc (Paris, France)
    PeopleDoc Employer
    Paris, France
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Paris, France

    Job Description:

    This challenging mission is handled by our Software Engineers in Test who build and/or set-up tools to offer the ability for development teams to automatically test their code from a technical standpoint (unit tests, performance tests, load tests, security etc...) to a more functional point of view (behavior tests, end-to-end tests etc…). 

    They work closely with the Product Owners to understand the meaning of each features, but also with the developers to help them code with quality first in mind.

    This position will report to an engineering manager.

    Skills required:

    • Strong skills in software development

    • Strong skills in code automation

    • Great culture of testing and quality assurance, CI/CD

    What you bring to the table ?

    • Take an active role in scrum teams working directly with developers and product managers

    • Develop a testing framework and tools and write automated acceptance test suites

    • Keep the focus on new testing techniques or new testing scopes

    • Continually work to incorporate automated tests into our CI deployment process

    • Own and share the testing culture with the feature teams

    What we bring to the table ?

    • A passionate and welcoming team,

    • Team work is in our core values; we learn from each other by pair programming or via extensive code reviews

    • Double screens, supercharged PCs,

    • Croissants every Monday,

    • Off-sites, Babyfoot, tennis table and PS4 for the lunch break

    • Open to remote workers


    Flexible Hours
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