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    Test Automation Engineer at Appear TV (Oslo, Norway)
    Appear TV Employer
    Oslo, Norway
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Oslo, Norway

    Job Description:

    The rebirth of TV puts software front and center. Appear TV look to industry trends, and work in lean product teams that take on specific projects. We need a skilled test automation engineer for the next TV revolution, one where the pixelated dimension is every bit as lifelike as our own. You will be part of a small team at the core of our engineering process empowering all developers to build and deliver high quality features quicker to our customers. Take part in driving our production platform forward enabling product developers to focus on creating great products.


    • Development of automated tests and related frameworks

    • Improve and maintain software delivery pipeline

    • Administrate continuous integration and test servers

    • Maintain test hardware and network infrastructure

    • Collaborate with developers in how to improve testing and build pipeline

    • Recommend tools to support testing and organize necessary training in using them

    • Continuously learn new things, and improve our QA and engineering practices and processes

    Who are you?

    • You thrive in a small team

    • You have a flair for python programming

    • You get a kick out of automating tests

    • You're familiar with modern Continuous Integration systems

    • You're self sustained and curious about new technologies

    • You have a BS/MS degree in Computer Science or equivalent

    What you will do in Appear TV

    On the First Day, you’ll join a small team of engineers that are passionate about automation and quality. The tech lead will introduce you to the development process and the overall product portfolio. Depending on current projects and your background you’ll be given a first task. Policy is basically dive-in, headfirst from Day One..

    During the First Month, you will have built up your product and process knowledge and taking lead on tasks in test automation and continuous integration. Your contribution will directly affect the work of all software developers and their ability to deliver high quality features to our customers.

    Upon finishing the First Year, you're established as a core team member. Clocking in the first 365, you've made a direct impact on Appear TV’s software development workflow and the quality of the products we provide to some of the largest TV operators in one of the most dominant industries in the world.

    Skills required:


    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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