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    Test and Root Cause Analysis Engineer (m/w) (Electrical Engineer or Electronics) at duagon AG (Dietikon, Schweiz)
    duagon AG Employer
    Dietikon, Schweiz
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Dietikon, Schweiz

    Job Description:

    Your tasks:

    • Performing type tests with newly developed products

    • Detailed logging of the tests and the results

    • Analysis of customer returns (returns from use on the train) down to the lowest technical detail

    • Performing root cause analysis of errors from the field using various measuring instruments, X-ray images, microsections, etc. and documentation of these in 8D reports

    • Logging every single step in the search for the cause

    • Specification and development of test environments for the (semi-)automatic testing of HW and/or FW to support development

    • Definition of diagnostic tools/tools for easy analysis of repairs

    • Maintenance and care of the test environment

    • Creation of test specifications based on existing requirements or Specifications

    • Support of the engineering during commissioning of new hardware

    Your profile:

    • You are a motivated engineer with a preference for performing and evaluating Tests (ideally first)

    • You like to make detailed analyses and you want to understand the difficulties in detail understand technical detail.

    • You are happy to provide detailed documentation of the analyses carried out.

    • You are familiar with terms such as 8D Report, FTA, 5 Why, Fishone or UW diagram and ideally you have already applied some of them.

    • You enjoy developing test equipment

    • You have practical experience in circuit design (digital and analog circuit technology) and PCB design for embedded communication solutions and are trained in Location hardware circuits in detail to analyze.

    • Independent work with electronic laboratory equipment (oscilloscope, logic analyser, ...) in circuit characterization and troubleshooting/fault analysis is one of your strengths.

    • You have programming experience with C and C++ and can ideally also use Verilog or VHDL

    • You have completed an appropriate training in the field of electronics, electrical engineering, communications engineering, measurement engineering or with comparable content.

    • You work independently to a high degree and, in addition to high commitment and the ability to work under pressure, you show a pronounced ability to work in a team and a high degree of initiative for working in a young technology company

    What can you expect:

    • A highly interesting growth and development perspective in the future market Embedded systems for railway technology

    • A challenging and varied job with a lot of freedom and practice-oriented tasks

    • An innovative freedom to develop solutions and to implement them independently or in small teams to implement

    • A pleasant working environment and a team-oriented work culture

    Skills required:


    Flexible Hours
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