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    Technical Graduate Program - Computer Science & Software Engineering at ASML (Veldhoven, Netherlands)
    ASML Employer
    Veldhoven, Netherlands
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    Full Time
    Veldhoven, Netherlands

    Job Description:

    ASML'sTechnical Graduate Program is a great opportunity to start your career in a dynamic and international environment where you will be challenged daily to push technology boundaries further. We have multiple job opportunities for recent graduates with an (almost) finished bachelor, master or PhD in Computer Science or Software Engineering. You are not applying for a single vacancy but for multiple vacancies at the same time! By joining our program, you will receive the ideal combination of ‘doing’ and ‘learning’ that will build the fundamentals needed for a technical career at ASML.

    Job Mission
    Join our computer science and software engineering program to design and build some of the most advanced software in the semiconductor industry. More than 1,500 software engineers create solutions that not only allow us to run our lithography machines, but measure and optimize them. It’s not all code – our computer scientists are tasked with solving seemingly unsolvable technical challenges. Join us if you’re ready to achieve the impossible.

    You have to be proficient in at least one of the following programming languages:

    - C++: Continually developing cutting-edge hardware isn’t easy. Every time a newly updated component is integrated into one of our machines, the overall system performance is disrupted. That’s why we use software solutions to refine our hardware. Our C++ code base helps us to achieve this:it’s a highly portable and multi-layered system that keeps pace with the chip-making industry and enables us to deep-dive into novel problems.

    - Python: Python isn’t just a syntax at ASML. It holds together our pioneering code base, brings our diverse development teams together and, whatever your ambitions, gives you a vast range of career options at ASML. We use Python across our multidisciplinary development teams. We use it for calibration and performance monitoring of every machine in our product portfolio, allowing our customers to create state-of-the-art computer chips using a complex range of diagnostic tools and an intuitive user interface.

    - C#: You probably haven’t used C# the way we use it at ASML. As one of our software developers, you’ll get the opportunity to develop complex machine control software and implement complex algorithms. Many people think that only embedded software is relevant for a machine production company – but ASML has large software departments where people work with C#.

    - Java: Java development at ASML is unique. It combines the complexity of NASA-type applications with the big data of Amazon –nowhere else is complexity and high volume combined. Our Java developers use the very latest tools and techniques, including algorithms, data science, cluster storage technology, Hadoop and Spark retrieval, reliability engineering, statistical modeling, UX design and data visualizations.

    What can you expect from this program?
    To give you the best possible start at ASML, you will combine your daily activities with intensive onboarding activities. The first year of your job consists of a combination of trainings to develop both your soft skills and your technical skills. In consultation with your manager there will be also the option to choose specific individual trainings related to your personal development.

    We offer you
    1) A contract of one year at ASML, with the possibility of an indefinite contract after the first year

    2) We offer a highly competitive compensation and benefits package which includes:
    - A competitive salary
    - 40 days paid leave: 27 vacation days and 13 ADV days (reduction of working hours)
    - 13th month payment
    - 8% holiday allowance
    - Pension plan
    - Commuting allowance

    3) Training sessions to develop yourself professionally

    4) A safe environment to experiment with what you learn

    5) A close network of other recent graduates and colleagues

    6) The opportunity to work alongside some of the world’s smartest engineers

    Selection process
    This graduate program will have two selection dates in 2020.
    - May 13 2020 (application deadline April 12, 2020)
    - Half October (application deadline half September 2020)

    Skills required:


    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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