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    Technical Content Writer : Flume
    Haridev D. Employer

    Project Description:

    Greetings,Dezyre is an online platform which provides technical training to IT professionals. Dezyre is currently looking for freelance technical writer for our blog and tutorial series. I have elaborated details of our requirement below:Topic which needs to be covered in our tutorial series is :  FlumeThe topic mentioned above will contain 3 sections.1. IntroductionIntroduction for each topic should be around 1200 to 1500 words. The content should be compartmentalized in following format:-- What is it-- Why is it used-- Where is it used-- Architecture-- Basic Commands and syntaxIt would be better if the content has some info-graphics.2. Two case studiesCase studies should be practical examples, where the respective technology is used to solve a real-life business/technical problem. It should contain working codes along with proper comments explaining the functionality.The case studies should have segments mentioned below:-- Executive Summary-- Problem Statement-- Proposed Solution-- Technical Prerequisites (This section should contain technical prerequisites that would be required for implementing the solution. It should also give a brief list of software platforms and frameworks required to run the solution and links for installation of respective software platforms and frameworks.)-- Solution Design (Mathematical and Design Approach)-- Code for the solution (fragmented code explaining functionality of each unit)-- ConclusionThe case study need not have an exact format as mentioned above but it should cover all these details.You are expected to deliver us complete word files and working programs covering all three sections for any given topic that you may chose. Dezyre will offer a compensation of Rs. 2000/- per section, hence a compensation of Rs. 6000/- per topic/module.We are on a tight schedule and wish to get all these tutorials published by the end of this month. So, I am expecting a positive response from you on an urgent basis.If you are interested, let me know; we can work out a timeline.Please get back to me if you have any queries.