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    System Administrator / DevOp at Audatic GmbH (Berlin, Germany)
    Audatic GmbH Employer
    Berlin, Germany
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    Berlin, Germany

    Job Description:

    We need an experienced sysadmin who is not afraid to dig deep to figure things out. Here at Audatic, we have a small cluster of GPUs that needs to be maintained as well as a bunch of other IT infrastructure. If a server goes down, you need to figure out what happened and how to prevent the problem in the future, if we scale our database to more than 4TB of data you need to have a plan how we can sync that across 50 servers efficiently and how we can use a clever RAID setup to maximize read speed in production. If our AWS system is too slow to respond, guess who we are relying on ;)

    We are a young and dynamic team. We all have a technical background and understand how complex IT infrastructure can be. That is why we need you to help us out. If you know a lot about Linux, Hardware and are happy to write code from time to time (C++, Cuda, Python) then you are the perfect match.

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    Our company language is English, but you need to talk to other people outside the company from time to time, so speaking German is a big plus.


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