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    Support Engineer at Tadaweb (London, UK)
    Tadaweb Employer
    London, UK
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    Full Time
    London, UK

    Job Description:

    Are you paranoid about having your passwords stolen? Have you ever thought about protecting your house with a port knocking system? Do you dream about complex tech infrastructures at night (like for real)? If yes, this may be the job for you!

    This is a newly created position for an ambitious tech genius who will support our freshly created team of Ninjas in London, and frequently travel to other locations in the UK, Luxembourg or France.

    The profile

    • You have at least a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (or equivalent), ideally with professional experience as first line support, deploying, monitoring, maintaining  and demoing applications on site.

    • You have good knowledge of bash scripting, command line interfaces and Python.

    • You know about TCP/IP fundamentals, VPN, Network Protocols, and you are highly sensitive about network security (but you are not too sensitive to frequently cross the English Channel :))

    • You have strong interpersonal and communication skills (you are a social and friendly human being, with a good sense of humor, which makes people feel happy even if you just crashed their server).

    • In addition, you also like to help, so you don’t mind stepping in when it comes to internal IT tasks in the office… or when the coffee machine tries to communicate with you (yes, we are a start-up). 

    • You are a native English speaker. If you speak a bit of French, that’s also nice but not a must.


    • Knowledge of Docker and Kubernetes

    • Experience with cloud infrastructure providers (Azure, AWS, GCP)

    • Familiarity with MongoDB, RabbitMQ

    • Familiarity with Key/Value stores (Etcd, Consul)

    • Familiarity with Kibana/Logstash/Elasticsearch

    • … And enjoy a good beer ;-)


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