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    Software/Systems Engineer at British Broadcasting Corporation (London, UK)
    British Broadcasting Corporation Employer
    London, UK
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    Full Time
    London, UK

    Job Description:

    BBC Online Technology Group (OTG) is an exciting and pivotal area that powers all BBC Online services providing state of the art technology, multi-vendor cloud and distribution services as well as in-house products and tools that deliver the BBC  App / website  you interact with to get the latest news or see the latest Football score or whether it is going  to rain or be sunny in the morning or see a programme on iPlayer to relax after a hard day’s work.

    The Monitoring Team ensures your and the rest of UK population’s experience of BBC web products is never compromised and you have a wow experience of BBC online every time – all the time. The Monitoring Team is responsible for the development of in-house tools, dashboards, products and 3rd party monitoring solutions enabling end to end monitoring of the entire chain of BBC Online services that is from networks, systems, applications all the way to audio and video streams as well as user experience of these streams whether on cloud or on-premise using state of the art technology, big data (analytics and challenges including capturing data, data storage, data analysis, visualization) as well as Predictive Analytics.

    These tools as well as being used by product teams that develop iPlayer,, News, Sport, Weather and Broadcast Engineering are used by our 24 * 7 NOC team who monitor BBC’s online products.

    The team works in a dynamic fashion with opportunities to innovate during regular hack days and was recently singled out for “Innovator of the Year Award” from a list of 60 well-known industry leaders.

    Main Responsibilities

    The role would someone who has a strong interest in Engineering either developing user-facing products employing software engineering best practices or passionate about orchestrating platform, automation, repeatability, performance or using their deep expertise in Systems which maybe RHEL 7, Networks,  VMs etc   

    This dynamic role is part of a delivery team closely working with stakeholders across the BBC, and will be responsible for interpreting and implementing software requirements across Web, Mobile and TV Platforms.

    • Contributing to the design and architecture of Monitoring systems

    • Pairing with and mentoring other developers to share knowledge and practices

    • Employing software or systems engineering and best practices

    • Providing technical consultancy and advice to the technical and management teams as required.

    Are you the right candidate?

    The role would suit either a software engineer who knows their way around Python and wants to learn more about performance and large-scale software engineering OR a software engineer who knows their way around Linux and wants to learn more about software engineering best practices when developing cloud services OR a systems engineer keen to learn software engineering principles.

    • Experience with REST / JSON based API services

    • Experience with setting up POC, architecting large-scale web-based distributed systems.

    • Experience with the latest Open source tools and technologies

    • Good communication and writing skills

    • And experience in 2 or more of Python, Cloud, RHEL7, DevOps, Monitoring tools, automation or as below:

      • Fluent in at least one modern programming language preferably Python and good experience within a development discipline e.g. testing, pairing, continuous integration methodologies, tooling and techniques

      • OR

      • Experience with systems, or networking or application monitoring tool solutions, beneficial to have Zenoss experience or worked on similar large-scale projects with good exposure to scripting languages and automation/configuration management using Puppet, Chef, Ansible or equivalent

      • OR

      • Linux [RHEL 7] system administration skills which should include but not limited to setting up interfaces, DNS, file systems, proxies, networking, OS, security, Experience with Docker, Kubernetes with good exposure to scripting languages and automation/ configuration management using Puppet, Chef, Ansible or equivalent

      • OR

      • A DevOps person with a combination of Software Engineering, Cloud-based technologies, Quality Assurance and Operations skills/ experience/interest.

    Skills required:


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