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    Software Test Automation Engineer at Simplicity First Solutions, LLC (Pune, India)
    Simplicity First Solutions, LLC Employer
    Pune, India
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    Pune, India

    Job Description:

    POSITION SUMMARY:  The QA Automation Engineer works alongside Software Test Engineers and Software Developers. S/he will write and run automated test cases to test new or existing features, automate bug recreations, execute regression tests and generally reduce the time needed to thoroughly test web and mobile applications. Deep expertise in an OOP language like Java or C# is a must. This is a great opportunity for a skilled automation engineer to enhance the QA team.


    • Must have strong programming ability to code in an OOP language like Java or C#

    • 3+ years of total work experience, with exposure to an Agile development environment

    • 2+ years professional experience developing automated testing scripts for software applications

    • Strong understanding and hands-on experience of Object Oriented Programming concepts

    • Experience with automating the testing for web, mobile applications and APIs

    • Experience with Selenium WebDriver or Espresso strongly desired

    • Experience with iOS, Android application test automation is a plus

    • Experience with mobile app QA automation languages like Kotlin and/or Swift is a plus

    • Experience with Page Object Model (POM)

    • Experience with API (REST and SOAP) test automation is a plus

    • Experience with continuous integration tools (Jenkins, TeamCity)

    • Experience with version control systems/bug tracking tools (Git, TFS, JIRA)

    • Strong communication skills in English, both verbal and written

    • Experience interacting with US-based clients is a plus


    This is a representative list of the general duties the position may be asked to perform and is not intended to be all-inclusive.

    • Responsible for testing web and mobile applications in a fast-paced software product environment

    • Devise creative and efficient ways to provide automated test coverage for new features

    • Write automated tests for new features being worked on by scrum team

    • Maintain and support existing automated test suites

    • Analyze and communicate automation test results

    • Create automation frameworks and tools

    • Test software manually when necessary

    • Interact with fellow testers and developers to create test plans and assure that automated tests are appropriately testing new features and alleviating efforts from manual testing

    • Test planning with fellow scrum members to ensure that QA is effectively testing the code written for the sprint

    • Help explain defects to developers and help them reproduce them under complex scenarios

    • Rarely miss defects while testing software

    • Work beyond the minimal requirements of assignments

    • If a project is handed to you, you see the project all the way through to completion

    • Work toward “win-win” outcomes


    • Have excellent problem-solving qualities

    • Possess a positive attitude to work and life

    • Use time effectively and efficiently with a strong work ethic

    • Create a fun and safe environment for team members

    • Are detail oriented, professional and self-directed

    • Use humor to carry yourself through challenges

    • Communicate professionally both verbally and in writing on phone, email and in meetings

    • Can balance confidence with humility


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