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    Software Quality Assurance Analyst at Variphy Inc () (allows remote)
    Variphy Inc Employer
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    Full Time

    Job Description:

    Variphy is looking to add a Quality Assurance Analyst to our growing, but tightly-knit product team. In this role, you will manually test new features and fixes to our core product, Variphy Insight, as well as work with our design, development, and field-support teams in documenting and reproducing issues found in our customers' environments.  We are looking for applicants who are extremely detail-oriented and have experience evaluating web content.

    • This is a full time and 100% remote position for applicants based within the United States only.

    • Bonus points if you live in Portland (OR), Vancouver (WA), Melbourne or Tampa (FL), St. Louis (MO), Chicago (IL), Dallas (TX), or San Francisco Bay Area (CA).  

    • Sorry, but no freelancers, contractors, recruiter referrals, or applicants from outside the continental United States will be considered for this position.

    As a Quality Assurance Analyst, you will...

    • Consistently and effectively provide the "human element" when testing the user experience, user interface, and functionality of our product

    • Identify, create, and execute test plans as part of the software development life cycle and release process

    • Replicate, document, and validate fixes for bugs and other application issues reported from the field

    • Use and understand how different web browsers behave (e.g. does a page function differently in Internet Explorer 11 than it does in Firefox?)

    • Help craft and execute test plans from user stories, bug reports, or sometimes loosely defined requirements 

    • Expand our technical knowledge base by creating and improving how-to articles, videos, and user guides

    • Create and maintain test data, tools, and utilities

    • Travel (< 5%) for team meetups and events two to three times per year

    Success in this role will mean...

    • Effectively communicating both verbally and in writing to other remote team members

    • Having an eye for detail and the ability to think like a user

    • You are able to communicate your opinions tactfully, even when it's a "hard truth"

    • You are a problem solver and are motivated to learn without the need for micro-management

    We're looking for applicants that know or can learn...

    • Atlassian Jira or a similar issue/bug tracking system

    • How to test enterprise (B2B) software with web-based user interfaces

    • User basics of both Linux (Ubuntu) and Windows operating systems

    • The basics of deploying, configuring, and using Virtual Machines

    • Networking basics (at least know what an IP address and port are)

    You will set yourself apart from other applicants by having experience with...

    • Basic SQL queries and a working knowledge of MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server

    • The basics of a web or application server (such as Apache Tomcat)

    • Scripting or programming (e.g. You've scripted or written code to automate something useful)

    • Cloud/SAAS providers (like AWS, Digital Ocean, Azure, Google, Linode, etc.)

    • Cisco Unified Communications/Collaboration

    • Call Detail Records


    Flexible Hours
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