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    Software QA Engineer at Swarm64 AS Zweigstelle Hive (Berlin, Germany)
    Swarm64 AS Zweigstelle Hive Employer
    Berlin, Germany
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    Full Time
    Berlin, Germany

    Job Description:

    About the Role

    As our Software QA Engineer you drive the quality assurance process of tools and use-cases built around Swarm64 DA to ensure the best possible customer experience with these solutions. You will design and implement tests for customer facing proof-of-concepts and use cases as well as for internal tools and frameworks. Likewise, any SQL extension for our product has to pass your QA strategy to ensure its quality meets customer expectations.


    • Work with the System Integration team to deliver high quality software

    • Write unit and integration tests in Python and JavaScript

    • Create functional tests for SQL product extensions

    • Perform exploratory testing of use-cases and tools

    • Sign-off software before deployment

    • Include QA in our Scrum story planning and task breakdown


    • Quality mindset and analytical thinking

    • Scripting skills, preferably in Python, JavaScript, SQL and Bash

    • Knowledgeable in test frameworks, like pytest, pgTAP, Jest, …

    • Proficient Linux user

    Nice to have

    • ISTQB Certification

    • Up-to-date C++ knowledge

    If you want to become a member of our team, please send your CV (in PDF format).

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