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    Software QA Engineer at Reaction Commerce () (allows remote)
    Reaction Commerce Employer
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    Full Time

    Job Description:

    Software QA Engineer

    Reaction Commerce is seeking a Software Quality Assurance Engineer to join our growing Solutions Engineering (SE) team.  As a part of the engineering team at Reaction Commerce, you’ll have the opportunity to help shape the fastest-growing open source commerce platform in the world.

    You’ll be responsible for collaborating with the SE and Core engineering team to build enterprise client implementations and 3rd-party integrations on Reaction Commerce.  With a keen attention to detail, you will be responsible for helping to ensure the highest level of quality in all of the software we produce. In addition, you will help shape our testing processes and patterns with a focus on testing automation.  As part of the SE team, you’ll play an active role in translating business and functional requirements into reliable, well-tested software.

    Description of the Job

    What you will be doing

    • Test all newly created integrations and modifications for bugs and ensure that this software meets the functional spec

    • Help engineers and clients create great test plans

    • Work with the engineering team to design patterns for unit testing and measuring test coverage for Javascript applications

    • Create and maintain acceptance, regression, and functional test scripts for Javascript applications

    What a typical week would look like

    • Perform manual testing/retesting on PR’s

    • Write automated tests or code review team members automated tests

    • Attend a once-daily “sync” call to give status updates and talk about new work/issues

    • Attend a weekly “all-dev” call to discuss technical challenges and show off “cool” or interesting things you have worked on this week

    • Attend monthly 1-on-1’s with  the Director of Solution Engineering and weekly 1-on-1’s with  the Team lead

    Description of a successful Candidate


    • 2+ Years as a QA engineer/tester or software engineer with QA bent

    • Strong understanding of Javascript testing patterns

    • Understanding of basic Javascript programming patterns

    • Exceptional written and oral communication skills including the ability to communicate complex issues to technical and non-technical staff and management


    • Is interested in creating a “culture of quality

    • Has experience working in a remote environment and is familiar with the challenges

    • Is able to understand a technical problem in the context of the customer needs

    • Enjoys and flourishes in an environment that encourages cooperation and teamwork

    • Has a longer term vision for themselves and their career

    • Focuses on constant, incremental improvement in themselves and their skills

    • Is willing to express when they need help or feel uncomfortable

    • Enjoys and flourishes in an environment that values frank feedback at all levels

    • Able to manage multiple tasks without becoming frustrated

    • Tendency to teach others what you know and excitement for sharing knowledge


    Flexible Hours
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