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    Software Integration Engineer at Contovista (Schlieren, Switzerland)
    Contovista Employer
    Schlieren, Switzerland
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Schlieren, Switzerland

    Job Description:

    Do you have some experience and understanding with writing software, but maybe enjoy more the practical aspects of the software lifecycle?When code is brought to life at the client's site? When it is put into gear and actually starts interacting with other systems and gets up and running? Well, if that is the case, then please read on and consider applying for this role... We need someone like you!

    Who we are

    Contovista is an established Swiss Fintech and we are delighted to grow the team. We support our clients in becoming market leaders in the fields of finance and end-user satisfaction. We are part of the Aduno Group and have excellent connections into the market and its key players. We are based in Schlieren. Just ten minutes by train from the center of Zurich.

    Who you are

    You are a great individual with high-quality standards. You see the whole tech pipeline, all the different software components.  You want things to run like a steam-machine from the old days, where all parts have to be in order and well connected to each other for the whole system to run smoothly. That makes you happy! But when things go south every now and then... you are the kind of person who is not afraid to get your hands dirty and dig down the Linux shell to see what the problem is. You are keen on learning the banking domain so that it feels natural to fire up an SQL Terminal and join a bunch of tables, and you can have a closer look at what is going on with the data. You also strong people skills which make it easy for you to communicate with our clients and explain to them our system in such a way that they understand it with ease. 

    What you will do

    • Integrate our software stack together with our developers and clients

    • Guide our clients through the different integration phases and the setup of their infrastructure

    • Tailor and build an assembly from our source code repository for a specific client

    • Troubleshoot and analyze production issues, sometimes at the client's site or remotely

    • ls, cd, vi, less, tail, ps, kill, |, >>, grep

    • Run variations of the "SQL Trinity": SELECT - FROM - WHERE

    • Build up our knowledge base on client infrastructure and processes, including tools/scripts

    • Take part in planning our SaaS solution and identify threats and opportunities

    • You are fluent in German and English 

    What we will do

    • Transfer money to your bank account monthly and get you a pretty good pension solution

    • Extend our range of products to keep work interesting for you

    • Provide a desk, a computer, a chair and flexible working times

    • Listen to your ideas on how to improve product and company

    • Let you drive the company car and invite you to our table tennis tournament

    • Invite you to regular events in the mountains, for a swim or to share drinks

    • Introduce you to a highly skilled team


    Flexible Hours
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