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    Software Engineer/Senior Software Engineer - C++ at Sandvik Coromant (Stockholm, Sweden)
    Sandvik Coromant Employer
    Stockholm, Sweden
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Stockholm, Sweden

    Job Description:

    So, at Sandvik Coromant, we encourage you to join us in shaping the future of the digital machining business – but what does that really mean? It’s quite simple; we’re looking for exceptional people to add value to our organization. Are you our future Backend Developer?

    What’s the job all about?
    Here you’ll be working in the R&D Department of Digital Machining at Sandvik Coromant as part of the ‘Design and Planning’ product portfolio. Within this portfolio we’re building a team that will develop new ways to automate machining process planning – aiming to create innovative analytical solutions to automate tooling selection, process design, methods of manufacture, tool path generation and process optimization.

    You’ll develop backend solutions for automated methods of manufacturing. Our solutions operate in cutting edge cloud software and our customers are using these products on a daily basis. If you’re curious to know more about the solutions we offer, check out our website. In the backend of the products – and especially in our future products – intelligent algorithms combine expert mathematical knowledge with 75 years of expert machining knowledge.

    The locations for these positions are Sandviken or Stockholm, Sweden, and some travel is a natural part of your job.

    Who are you?
    We’re looking for someone with MSc in applied mathematics or similar. Your analytical skills are exceptional, and you enjoy solving mathematical problems and creating new innovations that can be packaged into our software solutions. You keep an eye on emerging technologies, competitors and what’s going on in the academic world, and you understand machining processes and methods. Knowledge of metal cutting processes and CAM-systems, preferably together with experience as a technical project lead, is also an advantage in this position. 

    We are looking for someone who

    • Has experience from CAD/TD Graphics and manufacturing industry

    • Likes to challenge themselves and learn new things everyday

    • Are hungry to work in an agile environment

    • Has good communicative and interpersonal skills

    • Are a self-going team-player

    • Has good knowledge in English, both verbal and written

    Tech stacks that we work with and are looking for
    C++, C#, Azure DevOps, Java Script, Python

    Please note that we are interested in applications from junior to senior level, where at least one of the three positions will be a senior developer or architect. 

    Wait, what about colleagues?
    You work in an agile environment, alongside machining specialists, product owners, software developers, architects, testers, and crucially, our customers. We take an incremental approach to product development where user feedback is a key enabler for speed and to deliver the ultimate customer experience. 

    A glimpse of our culture
    At Sandvik, we believe in finding that perfect mix between work, family life and interests, and we happily support our employees in balancing this. For us, it’s also clear that diversity of experience, perspective and background forms an amazing foundation for achieving great results.

    Are you intrigued?  
    Send your application no later than May 4th, 2020.
    Read more about Sandvik and apply at, Job ID: R0018391.

    Contact information  

    For further information about this position, please contact:
    Tom McLeay, recruiting manager, +46(0)26 266 630

    Union contacts – Sweden
    Thomas Lilja, Unionen, +46(0)26 266 659
    Göran Norell, Akademikerföreningen, +46/0)26 26 65 74
    Peter Olsson-Andrée, Ledarna, +46(0)26 26 19 84

    For more information about the recruitment process, please contact HR Services, +46 (0)26 261 444.

    Recruitment Specialist
    Therese Rutqvist


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