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    Software Engineer - Web Test Automation at Esri (Zürich, Switzerland)
    Esri Employer
    Zürich, Switzerland
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    Full Time
    Zürich, Switzerland

    Job Description:


    Are you passionate about making good software? So are we! In the past few years, Esri has put a large effort into making 3D GIS accessible and powerful for both consumers and experts, across all platforms and devices. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of 3D GIS, and you can play a key role in our mission.

    At the Esri R&D Center-Zurich, we lead the development of the core 3D web technologies: the ArcGIS API for JavaScript and the 3D Scene Viewer in ArcGIS Online. We treat continuous integration as a first-class citizen that is crucial for our development and release process. To ensure that our test automation can keep up with a growing team of developers, we are seeking a skilled software engineer to evolve and maintain our automated test and continuous integration systems.


    • Maintain and improve our continuous integration and test automation system based on Jenkins, Intern, Selenium, and custom tooling

    • Conceptualize and implement new features for the test automation system; analyze and manage requirements based on developer needs, stability, and performance

    • Monitor test results, identify issues, and work with the team to resolve them

    • Work with our QA experts to find and implement solutions for automating complex test cases

    • Work closely with our system administrators to ensure the reliable operation of our development infrastructure


    • 2+ years of software development experience with focus on test automation and DevOps

    • Excellent programming skills in at least one programming language

    • Experience with test automation for modern web applications

    • A passion for DevOps tools and culture

    • Bachelor’s in computer science or a related field 


    • JavaScript and TypeScript programming experience

    • Experience with:

      • Web development technologies (HTML, CSS, Angular, React, WebGL)

      • Test automation using Selenium WebDriver

      • Build and package management tools for JavaScript (Grunt, Gulp, npm, webpack, etc.)

      • Jenkins administration

      • Virtualization and host management tools (especially Docker and Chef)

      • UNIX and Windows system administration

    • Familiarity with agile software development methods (Scrum, etc.) 


    Flexible Hours
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