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    Software Engineer (Testing) at ByteDance (Singapore)
    ByteDance Employer
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    Full Time

    Job Description:

    1. Engineer platform tools and automated testing harnesses or employ other technical means to ensure efficiency and quality of iterative product updates
    2. Deep profiling and instrumentation of mobile application performance across range of geographical, network and mobile hardware environments to optimise app stability and improve end user experience
    3. Design and execute functional/unit/scalability test cases in accordance with feature requirements and schedule to ensure the quality and on time release of iterative product updates
    4. In depth participation in the product development lifecycle, collaborate with product managers, R&D and user feedback teams to deliver high quality software
    5. Evaluate and establish core quality metrics benchmarks to drive continuous product improvement

    1. Bachelor or higher degree in Computer Science or related fields from accredited and reputable institutions
    2. 3+ years experience in software development testing, with an emphasis on automated mobile application testing and/or mobile application performance profiling and instrumentation
    3. Strong familiarity with software testing methodology, proficient in the usage of testing tools to debug and analyze software bugs and performance issues
    4. Strong background in computer science, proficient in at least one programming languages(including but not limited to: C/C++, Java, Swift, Go)
    5. Good knowledge of Android and iOS hardware and OS features

    Ideal Candidate
    1. Agile, quick self learner, highly self-motivated with strong sense of product ownership and creative problem solver
    2. Deeply passionate about quality engineering and delivering great mobile and web applications
    3. Ability to perform independent research to solve complex technical problems
    4. Good collaborator and team player, comfortable working in a fast moving, culturally diverse and globally distributed team environment.
    5. Strong product sense or understanding
    6. Professional level proficiency in written and spoken English

    Skills required:


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