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    Software Engineer Simulation at AIRBUS (Getafe, Spain)
    AIRBUS Employer
    Getafe, Spain
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Getafe, Spain

    Job Description:

    We are looking for a "full stack" Software Engineer, ideally with a passion for aviation. Over time you will touch almost all components of a flight simulator. You might write models representing aircraft subsystems, improving our simulation framework and tools, rehosting aircraft code as a simulation component, specifying requirements with our customers or performing simulator sessions with our own Airbus test pilots. Rarely one day is like the day before.

    Are you the right fit?

    We have carefully and painstakingly elaborated our own Joel test for this job offer. A score of 10 is a perfect match, 9 is tolerable, but 8 or lower we can just be friends.

    Just answer these questions sincerely. Here we go:

    - Do you have a solid knowledge and experience using C++?

    - Have you used continuous integration tools like Jenkins/Bamboo/CircleCI/Travis?

    - Do you prefer Linux over Windows as we do?

    - Do you have analytical structured thinking?

    - Do you like to learn new things?

    - Are you fluent in English (written and spoken) ?

    - Do you think like us, that unit tests are fundamental for a robust code base?

    - Have you worked with any communication protocol framework (TCP/IP, GRPC, ZeroMQ, NATS, ICE, Protocol Buffers...)?

    - Do you consider yourself proactive and able to work independently?

    - Do you have a passion for aviation?

    - Are occasional travels abroad not a big deal?

    - Are they really more than 10 questions?

    - Have you counted the number of questions after reading the previous question?

    As you may have seen, we like curious people with a passion for software development and aviation.


    - Love doing code reviews.

    - Prefer doing git rebase instead a git merge.

    - Don't have an unstable build in our master branches.

    - Have a containerized immutable infrastructure.

    - Perform automatic reviews with static analysis of code.

    - Build, test, package our software without using our hands.

    What you’ll find is:

    - A brilliant European Aerospace Company

    - A exciting Division called Airbus Defence & Space.

    - An international team, located in Getafe (Madrid).

    - DevOps Culture.

    - Tech talks and constant learning.

    - Challenging Software and Simulation problems.

    We FOSS contributors. Feel free to include a link to your Github, Bitbucket or Gitlab profile.

    Skills required:


    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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