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    Software Engineer - Research (Runtime Security Monitoring) at GrammaTech, Inc. (Ithaca, NY)
    GrammaTech, Inc. Employer
    Ithaca, NY
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    Full Time
    Ithaca, NY

    Job Description:


    Do you want to to research on cutting edge technology while programming creative and innovate solutions in cyber security software?

    This position is on the Research side of GrammaTech, working on project specific research for the Runtime Monitoring Security/Autonomic team for various Sponsored Research Projects, visit  our website,  Study, implement, and evaluate innovative approaches to monitor running programs and verify they are working as intended, even when subject to attack.


    Under the guidance of a principal investigator (PI), you will implement innovative prototypes to monitor running programs and verify that they are working as intended, even when subject to attack. If a program is compromised, the prototype will need to track the impact of the attack. As a research-oriented software engineer, you will:                                                         

    • Study and implement security-monitoring approaches drawn from academic literature or in-house design

    • Evaluate the resulting prototype implementation to test its value in addressing the research goals

    • Discuss results with the PI and respond by adapting the prototype to better address research goals

    • Contribute to presentations and written reports that keep research sponsors up to date on project progress

    • Prepare prototypes for demonstrations and evaluations by research sponsors. Respond to any last-minute complications to ensure a smooth and successful evaluation



    • BS in computer science or equivalent

    • Strong software application development skills in C

    • Experience in the area of software security

    • In-depth understanding of common software vulnerabilities


    • MS or PhD in computer science or equivalent

    • Experience with one or more of the following: C++, Python, Lisp

    • Experience with the following, especially when applied to improve software security, resiliency and maintainability:

      • Runtime monitoring

      • Runtime verification

      • Dynamic program transformation and instrumentation

      • Host-based intrusion detection

      • Virtual machine introspection

      • Security policy languages and specifications

      • Software isolation or sandboxing

      • Profiling

      • Fault analysis and isolation

      • Embedded systems

      • Low-level programming at the kernel, hypervisor, firmware, or BIOS level

      • Penetration testing

    Recruitment Process:

    To set expectations, GrammaTech's recruitment process include multiple steps over a few weeks to a month. After the Initial Screening with our recruiter, there are four technical steps including; a technical screen, coding test, debugging test, an engineer's interview, and final interview before an offer is made, (offers are contingent on positive Background and Reference Check(s) before a start date is confirmed.) Most of the interviews are done remotely thru Google Hangouts until the final interview if relocating. 

    About the Company 

    Innovation is at the heart of GrammaTech, and we are constantly pushing the boundaries of software research and development–from software assurance and software integrity to cybersecurity, threat mitigation and autonomic computing. We develop new technologies and see the results of our research incorporated into tools used by engineers and security professionals worldwide.

    GrammaTech was founded in 1988, with the firmlygrounded purpose of helping today’s organizations develop tomorrow’s software. With a focus on the evolving cybersecurity landscape, software hardening and intelligent systems, we tackle the most challenging software issues through a constant stream of highly innovative research and commercial development programs. Headquartered in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of New York, we offer positions in Ithaca, NY and Madison, WI, as well as opportunities for remote employment.

    We offer a competitive salary and benefits package including health care plan options, a generous paid time off program, flexible hours, companysponsored employee pension plan, and opportunities for professional and personal development. 

    GrammaTech, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. 
    Members of underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply

    Skills required:


    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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