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    Software Engineer - Product Features (Java) at Canva (Sydney, Australia)
    Canva Employer
    Sydney, Australia
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    Full Time
    Sydney, Australia

    Job Description:

    About Us

    At Canva, our mission is to democratize design and empower creativity and visual expression for every person, on every platform.  

    Since launch we have grown exponentially, amassing more than 10 million users in over 100 languages - making us one of the world's fastest-growing technology companies.  We were recently voted #1 in both the 2018 Great Place to Work survey.  We were also recently voted #1 in LinkedIn’s top startups in Australia.  With our recent $2.5B USD valuation and entry into the coveted technology unicorn club, we're firmly focused on ensuring Canva remains the go-to place for all design needs across the web. 

    In order to do this, we must ensure the whole of Canva's web experience and presence is top-notch, seamless, delightful to the customer, and built on a scalable platform and infrastructure to ensure resilience.

    About You

    You will join Canva as an individual contributor and be paired with a mentor. Your day to day activities will consist of solution design and hands-on software development - working closely with your leads, designers, and product managers to deliver features and functionality to our 10+ million customers all over the world.

    Once you’ve settled in and have a comfortable grasp of the product, environment, and processes, you'll be given more responsibility and start leveraging your previous experience -- bringing new ideas to the table concerning everything from feature development, process improvement, and product suggestions

    Role Responsibilities

    • Taking charge of your career development by seizing opportunities to work across different teams, technologies, and roles

    • Developing and iterating on technical proposals - outlining how solutions will be structured and developed

    • Developing solutions you've designed from the ground up through to deployment into production

    • Identifying and addressing performance bottlenecks within the application and broader infrastructure

    • Participating in design meetings, hiring interviews, and code reviews

    • Performance debugging, benchmarking and building awesome things in general

    Required Experience & Skills

    • Five (5) or more years of commercial experience developing complex web applications

    • You’re happy to work exclusively in Java (previous experience with other languages is great)

    • Firmly grounded computer science and engineering fundamentals including concurrency, multithreading, data structures, solution design, architecture, and design patterns.  You’d be surprised how often these things come up here at Canva!

    • That you’re happy to roll the sleeves up and dive into java.util.concurrent from time to time :)

    • Strong communication and collaborative skills, both written and verbal


    Flexible Hours
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