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    Software Engineer - London at BCG Gamma (London, UK)
    BCG Gamma Employer
    London, UK
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    Full Time
    London, UK

    Job Description:


    As a Software Engineer, you will be responsible for advancing software solutions to support BCG Gamma’s analytics platform and clients. Your strong analytical skills and ability to develop innovative problem solving solutions will support mission critical decision analytics for our clients. Additional responsibilities will include developing feature enhancements to our platform, developing industry-leading analytics software solutions and methodologies and provide talks and papers in industry leading conferences on behalf of BCG Gamma. We are looking for talented individuals with a serious commitment to software development, data science, large data analytics and transforming organizations into analytics led innovative companies.


    • Apply software development practices and standards to develop robust and maintainable software

    • Develop abstract analytic models to solve complex problems for decision analysis

    • Maintain an active role in every part of the software development life cycle

    • Guide non-technical teams and consultants in understanding analytics at scale, infrastructure as code and best practices for robust software development

    • Optimize and enhance computational efficiency of algorithms and software design

    • Design data structures and visualization of results to provide users actionable intelligence and situational awareness
      of supporting data

    • Interact directly with clients on new features for future product releases

    • Share software design and solutions ideas

    Technologies: Programming (Python,GO, C++,Java, Scala, Javascript, TypeScript), DevOps (Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD, HashiCorp stacks), Full Stack development (GraphQL, React), Deep Learning (Tensorflow, Keras), Cloud Computing (AWS, Azure, Google)


    • Masters Degree in Computer Research Science, Statistics, Operations Research, or related field

    • 2 to 7 years of experience in a software development environment ideally in Python, C++, Scala, GO

    • Experience with Hashicorp Vault, Terraform & Consul

    • Exposure to analytics applications or experience building analytics tools

    • Familiarity with data science methods and scaling data science methods

    • Proficiency with infrastructure as code principles

    • Familiarity with the storage, manipulation and management of relational, non-relational and streaming data structures

    • Analytic reasoning and complex problem solving involving mathematical programming and big data problems

    • Understanding of parallel computing


    • Fast-paced, intellectually intense, service-oriented environment

    • Expect time spent traveling


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