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    Software Engineer (iOS) at ByteDance (Singapore)
    ByteDance Employer
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    Full Time

    Job Description:

    - Research and development of social media application on iOS platform, with a focus on key areas of optimisation, including: core architecture, networking stability, security, runtime performance, resource utilisation, multimedia content, code modularity, code compilation and/or continuous integration/development
    - Collaborate with globally distributed development teams to complete assigned product development tasks in adherence to established software development guidelines
    - Author and maintain relevant technical documentation, including feature and technical specifications

    - Bachelor or higher degree in Computer Science or related fields from accredited and reputable institutions
    - 3+ years of experience in iOS development, exhibits strong programming abilities in C/C++, Swift and Objective-C, deep familiarity with the application of data structures and design patterns in production level code
    - Demonstrable capability in iOS application development, including custom UI and animations, multi-threaded programming, data persistence and concurrent adaptation of user interfaces to multiple screen sizes
    - Strong understanding of common client-server application interface design standards like RESTFUL, and common network protocols including TCP-IP and HTTP
    - Deep knowledge in at least one of the following: iOS application architectural design, Swift/Objective-C runtime performance & resource utilisation, compilers, code instrumentation, networking, multimedia content, data/application security
    - Good familiarity with source code management and continuous integration tools like Git and Jenkins

    - Agile, quick self learner, highly self-motivated with strong sense of product ownership and creative problem solver
    - Deeply passionate about software coding/development and building great mobile/web applications
    - Ability to perform independent research to solve complex technical problems
    - Good collaborator and team player, comfortable working in a fast moving, culturally diverse and globally distributed team environment.
    - Professional level proficiency in written and spoken English

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