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    Software Engineer - help make a difference to people's lives! at Canon Medical Research Europe (Edinburgh, UK)
    Canon Medical Research Europe Employer
    Edinburgh, UK
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    Full Time
    Edinburgh, UK

    Job Description:

    The R&D centre of excellence for SW development for Canon Medical Systems is based in Edinburgh. We create technology and tools that make a meaningful difference to people’s lives.  Our success entirely depends on our people and we really care about them. We number 120+ in Edinburgh now and we are growing slowly. We still have the identity and character of a small start-up but we are also now part of a big global family with Canon and we have their resources and support to draw on. We provide a great environment to develop your career, and we are trying to make it as inclusive, diverse and flexible as we can.

    We are looking for a Software Engineer to join our Pilot Applications team and help us develop clinical application prototypes for the medical imaging industry. We build these applications around algorithms to investigate new ideas in image analysis and visualization and to engage with clinical collaborators, aiming to find new ways to help doctors restore their patients’ health and well-being.

    As part of this small team you can have a significant impact on how we work and help us continuously improve. We use pair and mob programming to tackle some of our tasks, and we share responsibility for the whole development process: requirements capture, development, infrastructure, maintenance, releases and technical handovers.

    Our applications are written mostly in C++, but some knowledge of JavaScript is desirable. The algorithms included in our applications often require further work so experience in image analysis is advantageous but not required. You will have opportunities to visit collaborators and conferences to further your knowledge and skills.

    In this role you will:

    • Work with other Software Engineers, Scientists, Clinical Analysts and UX Designers

    • Develop and test application and algorithm prototypes (in C++ & JavaScript)

    • Maintain and contribute to different code bases

    • Maintain and improve our development infrastructure (Jenkins, Mercurial, Gradle, Python)

    • Help us continuously improve our development process

    What we’re looking for:

    • Experience of object-oriented programming skills in a relevant programming language (e.g. C++, C#, Java, etc.)

    • Software engineering skills

    • Knowledge of automation and continuous integration

    • Willingness to learn new tools, techniques and coding languages as needed

    • An interest in solving problems for clinical users and improving healthcare

    We aim to offer an inclusive, flexible and balanced working environment, by being an employer that cares for and respects its employees. We are part of a global family that works closely with other development teams based in Japan, America and China, giving the opportunity of work placements at partner sites. As an employer, we want to provide you the right environment to allow you to develop your career, by giving you time to learn new skills and pursue your own creative projects.

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