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    Software Engineer Full Stack at Swiss Finance Institute at EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland)
    Swiss Finance Institute at EPFL Employer
    Lausanne, Switzerland
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Lausanne, Switzerland

    Job Description:

    Your mission:

    Work on developing a unique platform to facilitate accessible, fairly priced, structured investments. We anticipate our innovative platform will be a serious disrupter to the old big-bank market for structured investments. This platform will be integrated into a new EPFL FinTech spin-off “VisualStructure”, and our long-term objective is to offer you joint “VisualStructure” upon the end of the one year EPFL contract.

    We are looking for a full-stack developer to help us transform our working prototypes into a full commercially viable platform. This position is vital to the success of our platform and we envisage the role developing quickly as we expand. You will help us create and manage the following parts of our platform:

    Web and mobile application: The whole concept of our platform is to make sophisticated investment optimisation accessible to everyone through a beautiful and simple web application. Our concept of how to achieve this goal is unique, and is the subject of a current patent application.

    Algorithms and computational back-end: In order to offer the investor a portfolio which best matches his/her views and risk appetite, we must conduct several high-dimensional optimisations. We have developed algorithms for doing these in a fast and robust fashion. It will become important that these are implemented in a maximally efficient manner and scalable for high-demand usage.

    Database and back-end infrastructure: We need to collect huge quantities of data in order to offer an efficient and optimal investment solution to our investors. This data needs storing in an efficient and real-time fashion, and be served with low-latency to our front-end.

    Main duties and responsibilities include:

    Frontend development of highly interactive web interface

    Participation in the UI and UX design process

    Integration with backend algorithms, databases, and tools

    Development of efficient scalable optimisation routines and algorithms

    Essential skills and experience:

    Strong Python proficiency

    Good familiarity with the modern software development life-cycle: unit testing, continuous integration, version control, debugging, documentation

    Good team player and professional working-level written and spoken English

    Desirable experience:

    HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript development experience (preferably also Angular)

    Data visualisation (preferably d3.js experience)

    Database experience

    Knowledge of financial data and concepts

    Understanding of system administration best practices

    Your profile:

    We are keen to hear from both experienced software developers and fast self-sufficient learners at the start of their career. If you have studied or worked in a scientific field, and have good numerical skills, that is an advantage. We are looking for someone who is both highly motivated and entrepreneurial.

    We offer:

    The exciting opportunity to join a project (and then, eventually, the “VisualStructure” startup) at an early stage where your contributions really make a huge difference, your experiences and diversity in projects will be huge, and your potential for exponential career growth is significant.


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