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    Software Engineer - Frontend at ProntoPro (Milano, Italy)
    ProntoPro Employer
    Milano, Italy
    Job Type
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    Full Time
    Milano, Italy

    Job Description:

    Working at ProntoPro

    You will have visibility over the whole business and not just on your area of competence.

    We strongly believe that everybody can give an important contribution, also from the architecture, product, and business strategy point of views.

    You will be part of our Technology department, currently counting 20 people and expected to grow up to 30+ people during 2019.
    You will create a scalable product that will support ProntoPro hyper-growth.

    You will work in an environment which is highly focused on tech trends and agile methodologies.
    In particular, you will play with the following stack: JavaScript, TypeScript, React, React Native, Redux, Immutable.js, styled-components, nodeJS, webpack, metro, SASS/SCSS,, Travis, Docker, Git.
    We continuously strive for enriching/upgrading our tech stack and we cannot wait for your contribution!

    You will also attend meetups/events and have the chance to speak about how we face and solve tech challenges at ProntoPro.


    We are looking for a Frontend Software Engineer willing to join our Technology department.


    • Develop scheduled product features.

    • Fix prioritized issues from the issue tracker.

    • Continuously improve the quality of our software by bringing innovation and work on performance optimization.

    • Create high quality code and tests.


    • Solid knowledge of JavaScript.

    • Good knowledge of CSS.

    Bonus points

    • Experience with TypeScript.

    • Experience with React, React Native, Redux, Immutable.js.

    • Experience with CI/CD systems.

    • Experience with docker.

    • Experience with GIT or other versioning solutions.

    • Experience with PHP and Go.

    • Experience with MySql.


    • You will develop product features (the most complex ones will require pair programming).

    • You will craft utils, SDKs, UI components to enrich ProntoPro frontend libraries.

    • You will contribute to our test coverage by writing unit and E2E tests.

    • You will review your teammates' pull requests.

    • You will create local and CI automations in order to optimize the workflow.

    • You will collaborate with UX designers and developers to improve our product and its UX.

    • You will work with other departments such as BI, Sales, Customer Care, Operations and Marketing.

    Recruiting process

    • Candidates will be invited to schedule a 15 minutes screening call with our global recruiters.

    • Next, candidates will be invited to schedule a 30 minute phone call with a Tech Lead

    • Next, candidates will be invited to complete a small coding task.

    • Next, candidates will be invited to schedule a 45 minutes technical and behavioral interview with a Tech Lead and possibly a peer.

    • Next, candidates will be invited to schedule a 45 minutes behavioral interview with a founder or the CTO or a member of another department (this will change on a case-by-case basis).

    • Successful candidates will then be made an offer.


    Our tech teams are distributed among two HQs:

    • Milan: via Carlo Farini, 41 

    • Rome: via Marsala, 29/h 

    Skills required:


    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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