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    Software Engineer for the Food-Value Chain at BAADER (Hamburg, Deutschland)
    BAADER Employer
    Hamburg, Deutschland
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    Full Time
    Hamburg, Deutschland

    Job Description:

    [email protected] - the Digitalization Team - are developing a food-value chain platform to establish a transparent process from farm to fork.

    Even in fish and poultry processing 'Industry 4.0' let things to be smarter and smarter.

    New insights made possible through digital solutions allow us together with you to deliver new business models thereby contributing to continuous growth.

    At the early stage, we are building the fundamentals for this platform, and we are looking for a passionate Software Engineer. To bring processes and suppliers together, understanding the various workflows within the food-processing world is crucial. From conception to release, you will be a part of a DevOps-Team delivering software fully-automated to the edge and the cloud. We are using state-of-the-art technologies that provide the best solution to do the job.

    You will do.

    • In our Digitalization-Team, you will be developing software written in node.js, Java, Go and Javascript

    • achieving & keeping a high fitness of the architecture to deliver business value fast by applying common software-engineering methodologies like, e.g., TDD and CI

    • developing software components around a streaming service like Apache Kafka

    • virtually modeling the food-value chain using a graph-database Neo4j

    • deploying software in Kubernetes cluster directly from our CI/CD system while focusing on CNCF

    • deploying machine-learning models into production

    • integrating third-party APIs, e.g, Weather, Traffic into our Streaming Application

    • Occasionally, visiting customers on site to collect requirements and learn how food processing works in practice if this helps you to do your job

    You need to bring.

    We are looking for

    • a passionate Software Developer with a degree in Computer Science, Mathematics or equivalent. 

    • effective communication skills and the intense interest in being a part of a self-organized team

    • knowledge of database technologies, e.g., MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis

    • knowledge or a keen interest in distributed systems ranging from scalable and resilient multi-cloud to frequently interrupted edge-devices.

    How to apply.

    Convince us to hire you by completing our Coding Interview at Hackerrank.


    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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