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    Software Engineer for Machine Learning SaaS at Formulate (Stockholm, Sweden)
    Formulate Employer
    Stockholm, Sweden
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Stockholm, Sweden

    Job Description:

    We are looking for Software Engineers to join our growing team. In particular we are looking for engineers interested in one or more of

    • Frontend development

    • Full-stack development

    • Data engineering

    • Data science

    • Infrastructure

    You will work together with skilled colleagues in a tight-knit team and have an important role in developing a high-quality analytics SaaS for retail promotions.

    We would love to get in touch if you:

    • Have a passion for building great software and always strive to make things a little bit better

    • Want to work at a place where the core business is data science and data engineering

    • Consider reliability and performance to be features

    • Some of the technologies that we are using: React, GraphQL, Kafka, ClickHouse, Cadence, gRPC, Kubernetes and GCP products (GKE, BigQuery, Apache Beam/Dataflow etc). Our main languages of choice are Go for the backend, Python for data science and TypeScript for the frontend.

    If you think this sounds interesting, drop us a line, we would definitely like to get in touch with you!


    Flexible Hours
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