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    Software Engineer (Core Platform/Reliability) at Sparx (Exeter, UK)
    Sparx Employer
    Exeter, UK
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Exeter, UK

    Job Description:

    We're looking for a Software Engineer who wants to work as part of our Core Platform & Reliability team, working across a diverse tech stack.

    As part of the Core Platform team, you’ll build and maintain services, libraries and cloud infrastructure systems which are used daily by all our engineers and customers, and which underpin all of Sparx. We practise a Site Reliability Engineering approach. We believe practices such as automation over manual effort, data-driven decision making, and pragmatic approaches to risk are fundamental to our success.

    You’ll work closely with our other engineering teams to automate their delivery processes. You’ll work with everyone involved in product development to aid their understanding of the importance of reliability, performance and human factors in developing production services.

    We practise an agile methodology, so you’ll be encouraged to contribute to our roadmap, development of our system architecture, and the direction of our team.

    We promote a culture of experimentation, innovation and collaboration. We constantly strive to improve, supported by a blame-free culture of learning from our mistakes when things break.

    Our industry moves quickly, so if you don’t have experience with the particular technologies we use, that’s okay! We look for and assess your understanding of the underlying principles rather than a specific match to our tech stack.

    Essential Requirements:

    • You’re adept in at least one modern programming language (e.g. Go, C++, Python) and have experience, or an interest, in building systems in a public cloud environment (e.g. AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes).

    • Experience with Unix/Linux operating systems, in areas such as system internals or administration (e.g. filesystems, inodes, system calls, kernel subsystems), networking (e.g. TCP/IP, routing, load balancing), containerisation (e.g. Docker), or a related discipline.

    • We succeed as a team. You’re naturally collaborative and comfortable sharing and listening to opinions and how we can improve.

    • Comfortable to take initiative, maintain accountability, and sometimes making decisions with limited information.

    Nice to haves, but not essential:

    • An understanding of the fundamentals of running systems at scale.

    • You understand the engineering tradeoffs associated with distributed system architectures and mechanisms for mitigating their effects.

    • An understanding of, or experience in, building and supporting services throughout their whole lifecycle – from inception and design, through deployment, operation and refinement.

    • An understanding of, or experience in scaling systems sustainably through mechanisms like automation, monitoring, and evolving systems by pushing for changes that improve reliability and velocity (e.g. CI/CD).

    Location: Oxygen House, Exeter Business Park, Exeter Devon

    Term: Full time, Permanent

    Salary: Competitive (dependent on experience) plus generous company benefits

    Closing date for applications: Monday 2nd September

    Recruitment Process

    • Online coding challenge

    • Remote technical interview

    • Assessment day

     Unfortunately, at this current time, we cannot accept applications that require sponsorship for an employment visa.


    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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