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    Software Engineer, Cloud Data Warehouse at ByteDance (Singapore)
    ByteDance Employer
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    Full Time

    Job Description:

    1. Our Mission is to create a high performance enterprise cloud warehouse product that empowers our customers to make efficient and real time data driven decisions, with surgical precision.
    2. You will be part of the talented Data Platform team and build the next-generation, cloud-native and high performance enterprise data warehouse with challenges that are unique, exciting and unprecedented.
    3. You will be responsible for designing, implementing and/or writing documents for backend services.
    4. Propose and review technical designs to ensure sustainable engineering effort in the long run.
    5. Explore and work on new technologies to deliver our promises of next-generation data products.

    1. Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, related technical discipline, or equivalent practical experience. 2. Software development experience in one or more general purpose programming languages, such as Java/Go/C++/Python.
    3. Excellent proficiency in backend server development and expertise in relational database.
    4. Strong analytical thinking and exceptional attention to details.
    5. Working proficiency and communication skills in verbal and written English.

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