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    Software Engineer ( Backend / Full Stack ) at XCNT GmbH (Berlin, Germany)
    XCNT GmbH Employer
    Berlin, Germany
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Berlin, Germany

    Job Description:

    Our Software Engineers are encouraged to build API-first products which drive fast and intuitive User Interfaces. Depending on the scope and size we identify and apply the best architectural approach utilizing microservices, event sourcing, and CQRS for big technical systems as well as backend monoliths for simple ones. It is the job of the Engineers to identify and explain the best architectural approach for the individual challenge which our cases offer. Our Engineers have end-to-end responsibilities of specific features. As part of a team they get assisted by other Software Engineers in areas of their individual expertise. They do also assist with their unique expertise and knowledge other team members to reach the common goal of building the best possible solution with the provided time and resources.

    Our company headquarters are based in Berlin. There you have access to a modern office with awesome people and free drinks. Our team members do work sometimes remote and are rarely traveling to other locations in Germany for talking to customers and other stakeholders. We provide our Engineers with a development setup of their choice (e.g. MacBook, Thinkpad) and do not force them to use Windows if they don’t want to.

    Job facts

    For this setup we hire Software Engineers who should feel comfortable with the following skill set:

    • Knowledge in Python 3, modern JavaScript, and the ambition to learn new programming languages and paradigms

    • Experience in building maintainable and scalable software solutions

    • Willingness to provide input in pre-development phases of ventures

    • Familiarity with different database technologies

    • Capability of building stateless applications and configuring them to run in docker containers on local and Kubernetes environments

    • Ability to explain technical topics to non-technical people


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