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    Software Engineer at Vistar Media (Philadelphia, PA)
    Vistar Media Employer
    Philadelphia, PA
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Philadelphia, PA

    Job Description:

    Some of our Arsenal

      • Scala

      • Python

      • Java

      • Go

      • CoffeeScript / TypeScript

      • Spark

      • PostgreSQL / TypeScript

      • Amazon Web Services

      • React and Redux

      • Flask

      • Docker

    On the Vistar Media engineering team, we never stop looking for our next addition. We’re kinda hoping that addition is you. We are located in Center City, Philadelphia.

    We’re a startup with an established, well-tested codebase, but we aren’t afraid to shake things up. We want to solve our problems with the right tools, whether they’re cutting-edge, or tried-and-true. We’re happy to explore new territory (who isn’t?), but we won’t jump on something shiny for the sake of it. Our engineers work with many different languages and platforms every day. If this gets you excited, we’d love to hear from you.

    You Must:

    • Be well versed in at least one compiled, one interpreted language and one web framework

    • Have extensive experience with distributed systems

    • Have coded a non-trivial system soup to nuts. CSS, persistence, deployment, et cetera

    • Understand Linux to a degree where you’d be comfortable admin’ing a fleet of boxes

    • Be able to design and implement a large, efficient codebase

    • Be able to ballpark the computational complexity of a snippet of code

    • Understand HTTP

    • Be able to decompose business requirements into a set of RESTful resources

    • Be opinionated about your tools. Love Angular? Great. Hate Angular? Great.

    • Have experience with the full stack. From the database to CSS.

    • Be able to both identify and implement a practical test suite

    It sure would be nice if you:

    • Have run a system on EC2

    • Know how to decompose an algorithm to map/combine/reduce phases

    • Have worked with language abstractions like CoffeeScript and less

    • Have experience coaxing functional requirements out of business requirements

    • Know right where to look when your friend has messed up their .htaccess

    We’ll consider baking you a cake if you:

    • Have experience in the advertising industry

    • Write a practical test suite for your personal code and push it to a CI server

    • Like using tools like Git Flow to organize releases, features, and fixes


    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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