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    Software Engineer at QuantumBlack (London, UK)
    QuantumBlack Employer
    London, UK
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    London, UK

    Job Description:

    Who you'll work with

    You will be part of a product team in QuantumBlack Labs in London and will work with software engineers, product managers, data scientists, data engineers and designers to create innovative products and new technologies that facilitate, accelerate and enable the development and deployment of artificial intelligence / machine learning solutions at scale in production. 

    What you'll do

    As a Software Engineer in QuantumBlack Labs you will:

    • Work collaboratively with group of engineers across all our product teams

    • Contribute to the development of APIs, SDK, libraries and many more new features

    • Produce high-quality code that allows us to put solutions in production 

    • Be proactive in suggesting and building new product features 

    • Proactively engage with other engineers and tech leads to scope our product roadmap and task backlog

    • Advocate for and drive the adoption of our engineering best practices and high software engineering standards

    • Provide technical mentorship to more junior colleagues

    • Receive technical mentorship from more senior engineers to grow in new technical areas

    • Be supported by our technical leads, product managers and professional development team to grow both technically and as a future leader

    Your qualifications

    • Degree in computer science, computer engineering, software engineering or another similar field

    • Full Python programming proficiency 

    • In-depth knowledge of computer science algorithms, data structures and big-O notation

    • Experience working in a cross-functional product team

    • Experience in back-end or full-stack development ideally focusing on API design, SDK, libraries

    • Experience working in a TDD fashion 

    • Experience working with Git in a collaborative manner

    • Understanding of system design

    Who you are

    A core value at QuantumBlack is fusion and at the heart of our multi-disciplinary teams is the belief that the sum of individual parts will always be less than the impact of the entire team.

    You are a highly collaborative individual who is capable of laying aside your own agenda, listening to and learning from colleagues, challenging thoughtfully and prioritising impact.

    Trust between colleagues is paramount here – you are an individual who can always be trusted to work in the best interests of all colleagues and to achieve the best outcome for QuantumBlack and our clients.

    You are naturally enthusiastic and enjoy sharing your passion with others.

    You search for ways to improve things, believe in iterative change, experimenting with new approaches, learning and improving to move forward quickly.


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