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    Software Engineer at FactSet (London, UK)
    FactSet Employer
    London, UK
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    London, UK

    Job Description:

    The Markets team is seeking a strong engineer to join the team. We build single page web applications across various product areas including Benchmark, Economics, Industry and Markets, which provide clients with a seamless interface to access our financial data via workstation and browser. Our clients rely heavily on our applications to analyze financial data and drive investment decisions.
    The candidate will have the opportunity to work on modern web development technologies such as Angular, Vue, TypeScript, Node, Webpack, etc. as well as some FactSet internal build and deploy tools. The candidate will be responsible for the development of new features and be accountable for the overall success of deliveries including analysis, development, deployment, optimization and day to day operations. The candidate will work alongside engineers and interact with stakeholders in UK, US and India. The area of focus will primarily be web applications powered by markets data however new product areas can be added in the future.
    This role also includes opportunities to investigate and test new technologies that could help improve the performance and stability of our products.

    Essential Requirements

    • Knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and CSS

    • Knowledge of sever side development with Node.js

    • Familiarity with JavaScript build, testing and deploy tools

    • Ability to learn new technologies quickly

    • Strong communication and interpersonal skills

    • Strong problem-solving and analytical skills

    • Must continually strive to acquire new skills in relevant technology and business areas

    • Ability to work both independently and in groups

    • Ability to prioritise and set own goals on shifting priorities

    • Dedication to producing high quality work and supporting that work when required

    Desirable Skills

    • Working experience with SPA development

    • Knowledge of AngularJS or Vue.js

    • Knowledge of TypeScript

    • Experience with Agile methodologies

    • Familiarity with CID

    • Familiarity with

    • Familiarity with FDSA/FDSA2 services

    Skills required:


    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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