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    Software Engineer Anti-Spam Team at Mimecast (London, UK)
    Mimecast Employer
    London, UK
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    Full Time
    London, UK

    Job Description:

    Software Engineer Anti-Spam Team 

    We are Security Services group consisting of (DevOps) development teams and working directly with the Operational Security (MSOC) group consisting of analysts and researchers. MSOC works 24/7 helping Mimecast customers with security problems having full visibility of an ever changing global threat landscape. MSOC is a fast-paced environment dealing with constantly evolving challenges all the while requiring high quality engineering solutions. We are looking for someone who is passionate about software development and security solutions.

    Key Responsibilities:

    • Developing, deploying and managing software across the full continuous delivery life-cycle.  

    • Work alongside our operational security and security research teams and support them with building robust engineering solutions.

    • Work with other related engineering teams and agree on technology choices where needed.

    • Run and support the services developed and deployed in a DevOps setting.

    • Work collaboratively with the operational teams to uncover and clarify requirements.

    • Communicate clearly to a non-engineering audience technology choices and trade-offs, and produce documentation.

    • Pioneer and establish best engineering practices in a fast paced operational environment while appreciating the exigencies of such an environment.

    Essential Skills and Experience:

    • Competency in at least one development language such as Python, Lua, Java, Go, C/C++, etc.

    • DB administration SQL and no-SQL databases (creation/maintenance/optimization) e.g.: Redis, Elasticsearch/Lucene, PostgreSQL

    • General DevOps / Site Reliability Engineering skills: e.g. failure trouble shooting, log analysis, service monitoring, deployment pipelines, debugging.

    • System administration skills and interest e.g.: Linux  admin, git integration, Jenkins, puppet.

    • Security / Threat intelligence experience and background (esp. security technology integration).

    • Hybrid developer / system designer – must have interest in designing systems using existing components / open source projects as well as writing new code that binds components together.

    • Competent developer understanding the software dev life cycle and testing best practices (e.g. unit testing, integration testing etc.) using a CI pipeline.

    • Knowledge of modern microservices and RESTful interfaces.

    As the ideal candidate, you would have knowledge in most of the following:

    • Previous experience of designing or working with distributed solutions such as multi-tier architecture systems.

    • As many as possible of: Python, Lua, Java, C, C++, Ruby, Go.

    • Hands on experience in configuration management of server farms (using tools such as mcollective, Puppet, Chef, Ansible etc).

    • Experience of working to deliver a SaaS solution

    • Knowledge of email messaging and security, not just sending using SMTP – e.g. DKIM/DMARC/SPF

    • Understanding of the internet architecture and web protocols such as HTTP, TLS/SSL, DNS.

    • Experience with containerisation such as Docker and Kubernetes.

    • Understanding of TCP/IP networking, including familiarity with concepts such as OSI stack


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