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    Software Development Engineer Java / Ingénieur Développement Logiciel Java at Amadeus Nice (Biot, France)
    Amadeus Nice Employer
    Biot, France
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    Job Location
    Full Time
    Biot, France

    Job Description:

    Are you the Software Development Engineer we're looking for ?

    Today, with technology getting smarter by the minute, the future of travel has never been more exciting.
    With us, you won’t just be shaping your own career, you’ll be shaping the way the world moves.

    You’ll be designing, coding, debugging, documenting and maintaining software for the Travel Industry.
    You will work in a multicultural and exciting environment where you will be able to learn every day and drive your career.
    Enjoy your life at work and out of work, in our sunny main office in Sophia Antipolis - the technology valley on the French Riviera.


    Few key facts about Amadeus in 2016 :

    • 1.3 billion passengers boarded

    • 595 million bookings processed

    • €700 million invested in R&D

    • Red Hat Innovator of the Year

    But before you start, we have questions :

    • Do you speak English?

    • Are you a recent university or “Grande Ecole” graduate in Computer Science (or have professional experience)?

    • Do you know Java, J2EE, Angular languages ? (and it'd be even better, if you know JSP, HTML, JavaScript too...).

    • Do you know RDBMS (Oracle) NoSQL (MongoDB, Hadoop ecosystem)

    If the answer is yes to all those things, take few minutes to apply.

    In your role, you will :

    1.     Analyze customer needs & specifications

    • Analyze customer needs to create new software or improve what we already have

    2.     Design systems and code

    • Design the technology (and run studies to make sure it’s feasible)

    • Present your solutions to Product Managers and users to see what they think

    • Develop your software to follow our standards and quality guidelines.

    3.     Check and maintain our solutions

    • Run unit, package and performance tests

    • Go through the phase of checking your software works for other people

    • Fine-tune your software as a result of all your testing.

    4.     Document your work

    • Produce software documentation necessary for the application

    • Issue it to the requesting departments.

    Does that sound like you?

    Then get in touch. The application process takes 10 minutes

    Skills required:


    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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