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    Software Development Engineer in Test (iOS) at FREE NOW (Barcelona, Spain)
    FREE NOW Employer
    Barcelona, Spain
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    Full Time
    Barcelona, Spain

    Job Description:

    Bugs, bugs and more bugs.

    So, you believe that bug hunting is easy?


    What about test automation?

    Our development team not only focuses on writing code but also on ensuring its quality; and we are now working hard on our testing strategies.

    You are the expert in Software Quality, and we expect you to propose new technologies and practices to optimise our processes and infrastructure.

    You are keen on tackling crash and monitoring server status.

    That’s why you will implement & maintain the testing infrastructure for a high-quality test automation.

    Plus, you will test our entire system with special focus on our iOS products (don’t forget about our Web Applications though). 


    If you know the difference between unit tests, surface tests, integration tests, regression tests and load tests

    If you know when good is “good enough” and when to take a closer look

    If you are experienced in XCUITest or any other iOS testing frameworks

    If you are up for the challenge…

    Hop in to FREE NOW and show us what you can do!


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