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    Software Developer (C# / .net) - Jnr, Mid and Senior at FNZ Group (Bristol, UK)
    FNZ Group Employer
    Bristol, UK
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Bristol, UK

    Job Description:

    Analyst developers at FNZ are all-rounders who analyse required system changes, design databases, write complex financial business logic and create slick web applications. They also work closely with analyst testers and other members of the project team to produce world class software.

    Analyst developers will be expected to learn all about our application, the business and the industry we operate in.


    • Interpret complex financial business requirements and translate into high-transactional, high-availability, secure and working systems.

    • Design and build the highly intuitive user interface and interactive financial tools required by financial advisers and investors.

    • Develop real-time transaction processing systems that support millions of trades every day in investment securities in multiple world markets.

    • Work closely with our business analysts to design and implement new functionality for our major institutional customers around the world.


    • Assist the analyst tester in the creation of user story definitions and acceptance criteria.

    • Work within the constraints of the feature/user story to define the underlying detail of the required changes.

    • Ensure the solution is well defined and fit-for-purpose.It must meet the requirements and work end-to-end.This will require a solid understanding of the underlying business processes involved in and surrounding the change.

    Design / Quality:

    • Provide solutions and recommendations for the resolution of technical issues that arise and ensure solutions meet the technical specs and design requirements.

    • Help design and build APIs and external system interfaces for integration into core FNZ products and third party vendor applications.

    Collaboration / Communication:

    • Promote the development team both internally and externally. Ensure that creative solutions, tight code, tough problems solved are called out appropriately to the developer community, and where they lead to visible outcomes, to the broader FNZ teams and clients.

    • Collaborate with other developers to share knowledge, best practices, useful technology, and opportunities for cross-project system design / solutions.


    • Keep abreast of latest and/or relevant technologies, tools and methods. Identify adoption of technology, tools and methods best suited to FNZ.

    • Proactively resolve technical (environmental, coding and testing) issues that impede development progress. Assist in the resolution of technical issues when requested by other developers.

    • Create novel solutions to problems by incorporating cutting edge technology or generic concepts.

    Experience Required

    • Bachelor’s degree or higher (min A- average for under-graduate, first class for post-graduate).

    • Confident, and able to take initiative in a delivery-focused environment.

    • Independent, self-directing working style.

    • Ability to learn quickly in a dynamic fast-paced industry.

    • Enjoy working as part of a high performance team.

    • Hard-working, innovative and takes pride in their work.

    • Passionate about creating innovative solutions for customers.

    Secondary Experience (Senior roles)

    • Experience with Microsoft development products (including C#/VB.NET, ASP.NET, MVC and SQL Server), jQuery, Java, CSS.

    • Experience with web development.

    • Familiarity with financial products and markets.

    • Understanding of web services.

    • Familiar with code analysis or automated testing tools.

    Skills required:


    Flexible Hours
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