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    Software Developer Backend at Oaktree Technologies GmbH (Hamburg, Germany) (allows remote)
    Oaktree Technologies GmbH Employer
    Hamburg, Germany
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    Full Time
    Hamburg, Germany

    Job Description:

    In this job, the focus lies on building APIs for other teams, both internal and external. These APIs are largely about product information and specialized manufacturing requests that need to be brokered. For these requests, a description is yet to be developed.

    In daily business and in an interview, we expect you to be able to explain and defend technical concepts at various levels of detail, including software architecture, database guarantees, design patterns and coding principles. 

    The perfect applicant has experience in various architectures, programming models and programming languages and has a keen interest in systems architecture, distributed computing and software engineering in general.


    • Develop robust, testable software components / APIs

    • Understand the API client's needs and find the right level of abstraction


    • Proven ability to write software and several years of industry experience

    • S. or M.S. degree in Computer Science or a related technical field

    • Fluency in a high-level language such as Kotlin, C#, Java, C++ etc.

    • Experience in .NET Core and Kotlin a plus

    • Solid theoretical foundations in various areas of computing, including algorithms & data structures, databases and especially distributed computing

    • Excellent understanding of API design

    • Ability to operate autonomously and effectively with only high-level direction

    • Experience in microservices, actor models and functional programming a plus

    • Experience in clean code, extreme programming and test-driven development a plus

    • Collaborative, positive, team-oriented mindset

    • Excellent English skills, German a plus

    Skills required:


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