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    Site Reliability Engineer (m/w) for Open-Source Enterprise Data Stack in Hanover at Alvary (Hannover, Germany)
    Alvary Employer
    Hannover, Germany
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Hannover, Germany

    Job Description:

    Your role:

    • Continuously analyse possible failure modes both on infrastructure and application level

    • Support other engineering roles with know-how about observability, upgradability, scalability, security and CI/CD automation

    • Model and update load scenarios to correctly size application deployments an updates

    • Establish processes to manage deployments and upgrades of data-intense applications

    • Maintain exiting code base and push for reducing technical debt

    • Troubleshoot production issues and support resolution of support requests

    Your profile:

    • 3+ years experience in Systems Operations for data-intense applications in production

    • Hands-On experience with setting up and troubleshooting Containerized Applications, Networking, Logging, Monitoring, Alerting, Infrastructure as Code in a Linux environment

    • Proficiency in using and maintaining CI/CD pipelines

    • Understanding for operational considerations and cost / performance trade-offs

    • Communicate effectively in a distributed agile team setup


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