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    Site Reliability Engineer at Sharethrough (San Francisco, CA)
    Sharethrough Employer
    San Francisco, CA
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    Full Time
    San Francisco, CA

    Job Description:

    As a Site Reliability Engineer at Sharethrough you’ll be in charge of our infrastructure and automation necessary to facilitate the development of fault-tolerant microservices, stream analytics, and contemporary hosting.  We believe operations should be tightly integrated into the product execution pipeline, so you will pave the way for creating a solid infrastructure on our Sharethrough Exchange Engineering team.

    What You’ll Be Doing

    • Collaborating: You’ll work closely with engineers to create highly operable and scalable products.

    • Operations and Development: You’ll spend about 80% of your time on the operations side of things, with 20% of your time spent on larger architecture improvements.

    • Building and Scaling: You’ll be focused on making large systems more reliable including auto-scaling and building

    Let’s Talk If

    • You’ve automated more processes than you can count.

    • You have experience with big data processing systems, infrastructure, and tools (Docker and Terraform are a plus but not required).

    • You think big picture and are knowledgeable on a variety of scaling capabilities.

    Why You’ll Love Working at Sharethrough

    • Values driven culture: You’d be walking into a welcoming and diverse environment that is built around action, optimism, purpose and transparency. We have a fun, supportive culture and firmly believe in what we are doing.

    • Marry the problem, not the solution: We’re constantly re-evaluating our technical infrastructure to deliver faster, better and more reliable software.

    • Collaborative Operations: We believe operations is more than just a one person job, and have established an ops guild that meets monthly to encourage collaboration. 


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