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    Shazam - Data Infrastructure Engineer at Apple Inc. (London, UK)
    Apple Inc. Employer
    London, UK
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    Full Time
    London, UK

    Job Description:

    Job Summary:
    Apple Music is all the ways you love music, all in one place. Shazam brings a unique brand of magic to millions every day. Millions of users. Billions of tags. Countless moments of discovery. Its our people their imagination, skills and ideas that shape our future, and help us make the impossible come to life.

    At Shazam we are blessed with some of the most exciting data in the music world and beyond. As a Data Infrastructure Engineer, you will help build Shazam's Data platform which encompasses batch and real-time stream processing of mobile app event data, machine learning modelling and ETL jobs.

    Key Qualifications:
    You have experience analysing and working with large data sets
    Youre a self-starter and happy to build collaborative relationships with technical and non-technical stakeholders
    Good understanding of cloud technologies and Distributed Systems
    You can spot/trace production problems and are comfortable in front of a UNIX CLI
    Good understanding of troubleshooting issue at the OS level and have experience with DevOps tools
    Youre comfortable figuring out how open source libraries works, not afraid to dive into the code and raise bug reports/patch where necessary
    You are always looking to constantly improve, refactor, automate and avoid duplication
    Team player and happy to push yourself outside of your comfort zone
    You are not constrained by a specific language/tool and happy to embrace and learn new things
    An experienced software engineer that writes beautiful, concise, tested code than runs at scale
    You understand the different layers of testing and have experience in developing your code in a TDD fashion
    You like to work in an agile environment
    Significant experience in crafting implementing and supporting highly scalable systems.
    Experience in two or more Big Data areas is helpful see Additional Requirements below for examples

    The role is based in our product/engineering team in London, and will involve close collaboration with engineers and product managers across our global organisation; particularly with our product/engineering teams.You will be working on delivering a new self service data platform, that will be built with all the good software engineering principles like CI/CD, Infrastructure as code. While we build our new data platform, we expect you to be supporting the existing system, this involves looking after existing Realtime and Batch systems running in Production. We expet that you will be able to lead, participate and contribute in system and software design decisions that will allow us to advance our data infrastructure.

    Degree (or equivalent experience) in Computer Science or related discipline

    Skills required:


    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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