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    Senior Digital Technology Engineer - Data & Integration at IKEA Retail (Vintrie, Sweden)
    IKEA Employer
    Vintrie, Sweden
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    Vintrie, Sweden

    Job Description:

    At Ingka Group we are passionate about what we do, just like you are, but we don’t want to waste your time, so let’s get to the point. We are doing really cool stuff within the area of data and integration, and are about to do much more, and for that we need more amazing engineers/developers/doers. For us it would work best if you buy into the pre-agile principles that forms the cornerstone of our business and company culture. You can find those here if you are not familiar with them.

    In summary we want to work small and simple, and always dare to do things differently. Hands-on this mean that we are working with cloud-era tech, in small enabled teams with a learning-by-doing approach. We are fluent in cloud, we chew API's, automation and event-driven messaging for breakfast. We never accept scalability as an excuse, and we ask for forgiveness rather than permission. If you watched Google I/O in May you already know that we are in the front lines trying out the latest and the greatest, but we want to do so much more and this is just the beginning. Given the title “Senior” we expect relevant experience in the above fields. Ideally this includes hands-on production experience, and across several business/tech domains.

    We support an expanding group of Products. Together we work to find new digital solutions for every business need to help make the Ingka Group a great and efficient place to work. As personal and professional growth is important, we encourage curiosity. Together we will discover new things, step into the unknown and make sure we are always trying out new ways.

    If you have questions regarding the role, please reach out to Niclas Bjuväng at [email protected] If you have questions regarding the recruitment process or other practicalities, please get in touch with Jaap Van Montfort at [email protected]

    FYI: This recruitment is being handled in a new recruitment system where you as a candidate now have your own recruitment page. You can now track the status of your application and edit attachments even after submitting your application. Please note that the candidate information we may have saved in the previous recruitment system is not connected to the new platform. You will be asked to update your profile with new information.

    As you might know, in Sweden it’s common to take a few weeks of holiday during July, most people take over three weeks in a row; at IKEA we are no different. We believe in a healthy work-life balance and encourage our co-workers to take time to relax, recharge, and unwind. Because of this great benefit we might take a bit longer to get back to you, we will return in early August and you should hear from us soon after. We look forward to learning more about you!


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