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    Security Engineer, Cyber Security at IKEA Retail (Vintrie, Sweden)
    IKEA Employer
    Vintrie, Sweden
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    Full Time
    Vintrie, Sweden

    Job Description:


    • You are genuinely curious about the IKEA business and always strive to understand and contribute to our vision. You always seek the necessary context to take best practices beyond a cliché into sound business practices. You wish to work with the best people in security on a multi-national stage. 

      We believe that you are passionate to drive, explore and understand how things are built and how they break. Where theoretical knowledge helps you, it is backed up by practical skills learned and honed beyond what can be taught. You excel when confronted by an open-ended situation. You have powerful analytic capabilities as well as an ordered and structured approach to problem solving. You are pragmatic and ensure that we enable business to flourish, today and tomorrow.

      What you bring to the table:
      • Partnering with product tech teams to get intricate system knowledge and understanding of end-to-end processes to identify vulnerabilities in the complete lifecycle.
      • Taking a leading role in continuously developing our protective and preventive security capabilities to ensure the best possible value and to be an enabler to the business.
      • Taking a leading role in designing the protective and preventive process and capabilities in close collaboration with our Cyber Security Center, other cyber security teams and tech teams.
      • Constantly looking for new ways of digesting data and security feeds from security systems, cloud projects and on-premise systems to give us the edge in the protect and prevent area.

      We believe that you also have a good understanding of some or all below listed areas:
      • Security in the Cloud
      o Cloud native security frameworks and controls
      o Hands-on experience of building large-scale, secure cloud-based solutions
      o Container security
      o Cryptography
      o Logging and log parsing
      • Zero Trust security model
      o Single sign-on
      o Access proxy
      o Access control engine
      o User and device inventory
      o Security policy
      o Trust repository

      • Endpoint protection
      o Protect clients and servers using efficient and modern antivirus
      o Malware reverse engineering to better enhance our protective and preventive methods
      o File Integrity monitoring
      • Programming / scripting
      o Experience in Python, Java-script, Angular, Typescript
      o Programmatically parsing logs and other data feeds
      o Deploying solutions in Google Cloud Platform
      • Vulnerability management
      o Vulnerability scanning and remediation
      o Vulnerability prioritization of risks in relation to the IKEA environment and current threat landscape
      o Understanding the prevent threat landscape
      • Compliance
      o Laws & Regulations (e.g. GDPR, PCI-DSS, China CSL etc.)
      o Systematic work with internal frameworks
      o Large-scale co-ordination of technical teams

      You are required to have a good understanding in agile fundamentals and be inspired by working in a product-oriented organization.


    • To be successful in the role, we expect that you have a proven track record of the relevant security domains in combination with the capability to communicate this to stakeholders in a clear and concise way. We believe that you are used to managing highly confidential information and to act with a strict level of professional discretion.

      You will be joining the Protect and Prevent security team within Ingka Group. The team is responsible for ensuring that we are using the correct level of protection and technology for our environment and services. We are also tasked with protecting the IKEA clients and servers using modern antivirus and other security tools.

      The focus for this position is to take a leading role in continuing the advancement of our protect and prevent capability, including to work with colleagues in other security and tech teams to secure that proper security controls are in place.

      We work together to achieve our goals and always strive to utilize the talent of every individual optimally. We develop our people and our business equally to ensure that we can continue to provide a better everyday life for the many people for a long time to come. We believe that continuous learning is important to grow, both as persons and as professionals. To empower ourselves to thrive, we're able to attend both trainings and conferences.


    • Join us on a journey where the road is truly more important than the destination. Our guiding star is the better everyday life of the many people and our impetus is our desire for constant renewal. Come help us shape the map of our future by seeing things a little differently.

      We now seek security engineers across multiple security domains that can help us build the future of a digital IKEA. Our ethos is security and privacy by design. We expect security to be a built-in quality aspect, not a bolted-on property.

      This ad is for multiple positions.

      This position is placed in Helsingborg or Malmö. The selection process will take place continuously.


    • If you have questions regarding the role, please reach out to Technology Capability Product Owner, Fredrik Åhlstedt at [email protected] If you have questions regarding the recruitment process or other practicalities, please get in touch with Hamid Alamin at [email protected]

      FYI: This recruitment is being handled in a new recruitment system where you as a candidate now have your own recruitment page. You can now track the status of your application and edit attachments even after submitting your application. Please note that the candidate information we may have saved in the previous recruitment system is not connected to the new platform. You will be asked to update your profile with new information.

      As you might know, in Sweden it’s common to take a few weeks of holiday during July, most people take over three weeks in a row; at IKEA we are no different. We believe in a healthy work-life balance and encourage our co-workers to take time to relax, recharge, and unwind. Because of this great benefit we might take a bit longer to get back to you, we will return in early August and you should hear from us soon after. We look forward to learning more about you!


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