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    Scala Software Engineer - Passenger (m/f/d) at MOIA GmbH (Hamburg, Deutschland)
    MOIA GmbH Employer
    Hamburg, Deutschland
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    Full Time
    Hamburg, Deutschland

    Job Description:

    In MOIA’s passenger domain we are driven on providing optimal value to our customers. How would they prefer to pay? Do they want to share rides with their friends and family? Will a subscription model allow them to switch from commuting by private car? We believe in specific solutions for different customer groups and provide the necessary distributed system architecture to implement these features.

    As MOIA, we decided to use Scala because of its clarity and expressiveness. With our Scala team, we achieve mastery in building a reactive microservice architecture that allows MOIA to scale both in markets and in team size.

    We already are a world-class group of Scala engineers and are looking for you -  an experienced Scala Software Engineer focused on creating value for our passengers. We offer you a place where investment in Scala is a strategic decision and where we can continuously improve our skills by learning from each other.

    What you will do

    You will build distributed systems for various passenger aspects with a focus on rapid feature development and a customer-driven feedback cycle. Apart from that, you will ensure that the delivered software meets the highest engineering quality in terms of testability, performance and technical architecture suitable for real-time use. You will be part of a cross-functional team comprising software engineers, mobile developers, QA specialists, AWS experts, and product owners.

    What you will need in this position

    • Have deep experience (3+ years) in developing high-scale distributed systems with Scala

    • Gained experience or have interest in Kotlin, Python, Kubernetes, and AWS managed services

    • Are keen to receive and give feedback in pairing and code review sessions

    • Live and breathe DevOps and believe in automated testing, infrastructure as code, continuous deployment, monitoring, and open communication

    • Have strong communication skills and a customer-driven mindset

    • Communicate fluently in English


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