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    Scala Developer at Mendix (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
    Mendix Employer
    Rotterdam, Netherlands
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    Full Time
    Rotterdam, Netherlands

    Job Description:

    Mendix is a visual, model-based IDE to create mobile & web apps. On top of this, our platform supports cloud deployment, feedback & collaboration and reusable components via our app store. As a result, Mendix is the fastest and easiest way to create and continuously improve mobile and web apps at scale.

    Our R&D team works with the latest technologies to create our innovative platform — React, Node.js, TypeScript, Cloudfoundry/Pivotal/AWS, C#, Scala, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, etc. And because more than 40,000 developers from 4,000 organizations around the world rely on Mendix, each commit has the potential to impact not just them but millions of end users.

    We're investing to accelerate our momentum and we're looking to grow our global team. If you constantly strive for excellence, are passionate about innovation, and want to work with a collaborative, energetic team - then Mendix is for you.

    Our team is responsible for the Mendix Business Server, which is the backend of our Mendix product, serving the apps built on Mendix in production. We maintain, evolve and develop new features for the larger and core part of the Mendix Business Server.

    You’ll help our customers drive digital innovation by:

    • The interpretation of the domain model

    • The generic execution engine for 'microflows'

    • An application container and its general plumbing (component registration handling, DI, eventing, etc) and cross-cutting aspects (scalability and resilience)

    • An embedded HTTP-server

    You’re the innovator we need if:

    • You’re fluent in or eager to learn Scala and willing to explore its functional style.

    • You like putting your teeth in heavy technical metal. Classloaders for example, don't make you running for the hills.

    • You have affinity with entity modeling, rapid app dev, etc

    • You are hands-on and quality minded. Each of us assures what we build is right.

    • You easily share knowledge and help out others.

    • You like to work with technologies like: Scala, sbt, Java, Git.

    Experience a culture like no other at Mendix:

    • We’re working on a platform and thousands of developers and end users across all continents rely on our work. Each commit can have significant impact on their work.

    • We care for the responsiveness, scalability and resilience of the applications that run on top of our platform. So, no UI. No one will ask you to move a button 5 pixels to the left.

    • Per month two days to work on what you like.

    • Room for and interest in new initiatives. For example, do you want to learn or deep dive into Functional Programming? Start a group and people actually show up and participate.

    • At regular intervals, we go on a team evening to socialize and have fun outside of work. Last time we went to an escape room and had dinner and drinks afterwards

    Skills required:


    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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