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    Robotics Engineer for Autonomous Driving (f/m) at BMW Group (München, Deutschland)
    BMW Group Employer
    München, Deutschland
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    München, Deutschland

    Job Description:

    We are offering an interesting opportunity to work as a (Senior) Robotics Engineer (f/m) in the field of autonomous driving. Calling on your sound knowledge of motion planning, decision-making or autonomous systems, you will independently develop new concepts and algorithms, implement and evaluate them in a simulation environment and perform testing with real test vehicles.

    Integration of the algorithms in a distributed software architecture means that much of your work will entail collaborating within a large team of experts. Your tasks will also include implementing development tools for simulation and testing so as to ensure that your algorithms are effectively tested and evaluated.

    As implementation generally takes place in C++, a sound knowledge of this programming language is essential here. You will ideally also have development experience with Linux and ROS. Our new Autonomous Driving Campus offers the perfect infrastructure for successfully developing innovative software for the cars of the future.


    - A university degree in computer science, robotics, electrical engineering or a related field. A PhD in one of the above fields would be an advantage.
    - Practical experience in motion planning, decision-making, reasoning, control theory, optimisation, prediction or reinforcement learning, ideally involving vehicle applications.
    - Practical knowledge of agile software development and object-oriented software design principles.
    - Besides C++, ideally also in-depth experience of programming with Python.
    - Business-fluent English.

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